It Should Not Have Come to This!

Today is my anniversary.  I should be blissfully spending the day remembering all the fun and excitement of the day I married my husband.  But am I happy?  No.  The worst part is I'm unhappy not  because of anything that happened between Jose and I, no.  I'm sitting in my hotel room in Greece,  fucking livid that two people I know, or should I say knew, are dead, FUCKING DEAD from Covid-19!

Donna, Jose's ex-wife died Saturday morning and a friend of his  Pamela died yesterday.  FUCKING DEAD, as in no longer on this plain of existence.

Full disclosure, I had my issues with both women.  It is no great secret that I hated Donna and a lot of Pamela's views on various topics were problematic (see this entry for a little context), but I would never have wished for them to die.  Especially the sad and lonely way people die of Covid.  But both of them were anti-Covid vaccine people.  Pamela was a nurse who had contracted Covid-19 once already, she thought she would be fine.  No.  Now her three kids, one of which is not yet 2, have no mother. 

Donna, who was very vulnerable for a multitude of reasons but the biggest being that she wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, watched some video where some chick said she got the vaccine and was magnetized.  She saw that, it scared her, she refused to get vaccinated (even though her mother and twin sister were), she got Covid, then threw a blood clot in her lungs and poof...  Done, just like that.  William and Jeremiah, even though they are legal adults are still mentally children.  She shielded them ruthlessly from a lot and never prepared them for the realities of adult life.  They aren't prepared to live in the harsh real world.  Honestly they are just as bad off as Pamela's little children, except the little ones will be understood if they have emotional problems, William and Jeremiah are legal adults, no one will understand them or cut them slack.


I am furious.  I am angry that all these stupid ass conspiracy theories are allowed to be spread without consequences.  I am angry that I know of 5 "Covid Orphans" and that shouldn't even be a thing that's happening in the world.  I'm angry at each and every politician who is using every means at their disposal to keep the most vulnerable people in their state sick and/ or dying for the sake of votes or quote unquote "owning the libs".   I am angry at religious people who are ignoring science and hoping their "prayer warriors" are more powerful than a proven invisible killer. And I believe in God, just not "organized religion".

I'm going to say this and not mince words.  If you are not shouting for people to do the bare fucking minimum of masking, socially distancing, constantly washing hands, avoiding physical contact, and getting vaccinated, YOU ARE A MURDERER!  If you are speading anti-vaccine propaganda YOU ARE A MURDERER!  If you espouse that prayer and God can just magically wish this away, YOU ARE A FUCKING MURDERER!!!  And again for the record, I do believe in God.  I just believe that God would want us to recognize and accept that no human knows everything and that we should consult with those who know more about a particular subject than we do and heed their advice.

This is not a political issue.  This is not a religious issue.  This is not about liberty or freedom.  It's about HEALTH and SAFETY,  period.

Well this isn't fun!

Yesterday I got my 2nd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and this one has hit me like a sack of bricks!

Yeah I have a super achy right arm, but this time I have intermittent fevers, no real appetite (which is probably a good thing), body aches, a really weird mild headache, and I've slept a good portion of the day.

I just took my temperature a little while ago and it said 99.8 it was 99.9 a few hours ago, but I took some Tylenol and it helped at lot, but that was awhile ago and it must have worn off. I'm wanting to take some more, but it about 9:15 and I'll be going to bed soon.

Side Note: The sun is just going down. This is going to screw with my brain something terrible. The sun stays out for hours here (on days where it's actually sunny) and while sunset in Florida is later in the evening too, it's not light for this long until July or so, not in May.

But I'll hang in there with this awful fever until around 10, then I'll take some Tylenol PM and hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to normal.

I honestly thought I would be ok after getting my 2nd shot since the first shot, I was a little tired and nauseous, but damn, this 2nd does is kicking my ass.

Oh well, I'll deal since the alternative was way WAY worse.
Wesker What?

Wands came back?

Wands never left!

Yeah, so apparently J-rock group Wands came back and I'm just confused.

I thought I had seen a little while ago that they were planning on having a Wands revival, but I swore I was hallucinating, or maybe I didn't read something right, or it was a mirage, but nope apparently they came back with what will be their 4th incarnation of this band with completely new members and... Meh...

I'm watching their new songs music video and, sorry, it really doesn't slap like I was hoping it would. I mean nothing will ever top Same Side, Flower, or Until the World Comes to An End, but even incarnation 3 had Brand New Love and that Kill Them All With A Rusty Machine Gun song (which was the ending theme song to DragonBall GT (of deez nuts) by the way). This new song is really generic and I know they can do better.

Here's the video if anyone is interested:

I'll stick with my classic Wands though.

Next morning edit: I looked at a couple of the new Wands videos and here's a correction and my hot take.

Correction: The singer and guitarist are new, but it's the same keyboardist Wands has had since Incarnation 2.

In case you're interested the original singer of Wands, Show Wesugi, still performs, he's just a solo artist now and has been since one of the members of his 3rd band, Nekodamashi, passed away a few years ago from cancer.

As for Jiro Waku, Wands Incarnation 3's lead singer, I don't know if he's still performing or what.

The original guitarist, Hiroshi Shibasaki, last I heard, was with the band Abingdon Boys School and apparently they are still active, cool.

Now my hot takes: The new lead singer, Daishi Uehara, sounds like Show did in those early years, but he doesn't seem to have Show's energy, which makes me sad.

The newest Wands album came out in late October last year and it has some new tracks on it, but they have remakes of at least 3 songs, one of which is one of my favorite songs from the Show years, Sekaijuu no Dareyori Kitto (More Than Anyone Else In the World). There is also a remake of Secret Night ~It's My Treat~ and the new guy sings it well, but his lack of energy/ passion is kinda frustrating.

The new song, David Boowie no Youni is way better than the song I watched the video to last night, but it has all the energy of an anime opening theme song. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not what I'm looking for. There was another song I heard/ watched the video of (I don't know the name of it) and that was good too, but that gave me ending anime theme song vibes and again, that's fine, it's just not what I'm looking for.

While it's fine that Wands came back, I don't have any strong feelings about it other than confusion. The music is decent, but I still stand by my previous statement of, I'll stick with my classic Wands, thank you.
Anime Wesker

Just a friendly reminder to my High School Seniors

Not that I think anyone that young is looking at this but just hear me out.

So I was looking at something on Quora ( think Reddit for people that don't know how to post to Reddit) and a lady asked a question saying that her daughter was in her room crying hysterically because no one had asked her to prom.

I know it's been about a hundred thousand years since I had to deal with prom pressures and I don't envy anyone having to deal with that, especially with the advent of the "prom-posal", but seriously, it's not that serious.

And I know what you're thinking, but Aa-Chan, how would you know?! Uh, because I went to my prom and seriously, I'm telling you it's not that Hardcore.

But like you said, it's been one hundred thousand years since you went to your prom. Proms back then weren't that big a deal!

Uh yeah they were, so again having been to one, I'm saying, it's really not that serious.

Yeah, but it's different now than it was back then. Everyone is going to have a date and it's going to be the greatest night ever!

Yeah, no... Same lackluster event space dressed up in its finest Party City decor. Same lackluster food. Same 2nd rate DJ and the same awful people you see everyday in class, except this time they've showered and applied themselves esthetically. I'm pretty confident that is all prom continues to be.

Why are you saying this when prom is really important?

Lived experience my dears. So with that said, let me tell you the story of my prom.

Yeah so in May of 96 I attended Martin Luther King Senior prom. I can't remember if I had a boyfriend at the time or not. I want to say I did, but he didn't want to go with me to my prom. Oddly enough I was good with that because I always had plans to go with my middle school best friend, Damon. Or as my brother referred to him as, the prom prostitute (he literally went on like 10 people's prom between 9th grade and up to 2 years after graduating from high school).

But I went with Damon. He had a driver's license so he drove to the hotel (we didn't do limos for prom, they were considered passe) the prom was in and when we got there I learned my friend Kendra's date stood her up and she got a last minute replacement date (I don't remember who he was though), then 2 other girls I knew boyfriends stood them up/ broke up with them the night of the prom. Then, the cake topper moment came when another girl I knew, who she had been dating her boyfriend since 9th grade and she even had his name tattooed on her, he dumped her the night of the prom.

I very vividly remember her storming into the bathroom with her friends, saying something about how she was going to get his name covered up. I remember thinking, well damn, that's fucked up. And note to self, never get some dude's name tattooed on myself.

Damon and I stayed until the end of the prom, then we went to IHOP, then I went back home. I did a little dancing. Hungout with friends, but the most eye opening part was how everyone got either stood up or dumped the night of prom.

So when I say prom isn't that serious, I'm for real when I say it's literally not that serious. With any luck, you'll attend far better social gatherings than prom.

But that's not to say if you want to go I don't think you should. If you want to go, go! If you don’t want to go, don't go! It's your decision to make, but it's not the end all be all party that movies, TV, or even the internet make it out to be.

As for the sad young lady on Quora, don't be sad over not being asked to prom. After seeing the emotional turmoil from my prom I've always thought about how lucky I was to have gone with a platonic friend then someone I was in a stupid teen relationship with. If you want to attend your prom then go with friends and have a kick-ass time!

And as my prom program said, "Don't have sex!"

Yeah, seriously, my prom program actually said "Don't have sex!" Not don't drink and drive. Not don't do drugs, but Don't have sex." Oh MLK, you truly were an urban hellscape.
Anime Wesker

Just checking in...

I really don't have much going on these days.  It's been pretty quiet since the whole Lolita situation and as per usual, the political situation back home is a fucking fiasco.

Big Sigh...

You know...  I'm fairly certain that these spineless Republicans think that by acquitting that self-indulgent sack of rat excrement they "Saved America", but please, you did it because the mantra is "Protect our own at every cost!"  Just fucking say it!  I can put it with honesty way more than the disingenuous fuckery you all keep spouting.  So, I don't ever want to hear about being the party of "Law and Order".  I don't want to hear about "Protecting the Constitution" and I definitely don't EVER again want to hear about "Personal Responsibility" and/ or how "Blue Lives Matter", because it is crystal clear to me that you don't mean any of those platitudes you constantly throw out.  You just care about power and it doesn't matter who or what (up to and including Democracy) so long as that power is retained.  As I have always suspected, but now have completely confirmed, you are completely full of shit!  Fuck them!

Moving on...

Well...  Actually there isn't anything really to move on to, so I guess I'm going to boink off. Until next month.

So... About Yesterday US....

Last year, I held my tongue when it came to politics in my home country. Since the mild popularity boost I got in June, I figured it was safer to keep all opinions of politics to myself/ to those who know me, because my views could be considered extreme. I said I would vote on election day and let it go at that, which is what I did. I was silent, probably when I should not have been. Insidious shit always happens when rational people don't speak out. So the time to be silent is over and while it may not be the safest thing to do, I'm going to publicly put the state of affairs on complete blast and call out everyone who helped stir the pot of this fucked up situation.

So, if you don’t want to hear any of this, which I can't say I blame you, because I shouldn't have to go there, but hey, now is not the time to hush up. It's well past the time to speak out. But if you don’t want to hear this brutal hot take, please feel free to walk away from this entry, because it will be a door.

I'll give you another moment to go...

Are you gone yet???

Ok good.
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Abridged Yule Nog

Honestly I wasn't going to do a "Yule Nog" entry this year ( I think I've missed the last two years, but in fairness, the last two Christmases were a mess, sorta), but I'm having a bit of insomnia, so I figured what the hell. But with that being said (and the fact I'm waiting for my sleepy medicine to kick in) let's make this short and sweet.

1st, this was the 1st Christmas I've had with just me, Jose, and the dog. Ever since we've been officially together, we always have had people with us. It was a little weird being just us, but it was also nice.

We did have a dinner guest, which was cool. Everyone loved the dinner I made, I loved the gifts Jose got me, and he in turn loved what I got him. Overall, the holiday was good.
Anime Wesker

Musings on The Relationship Part 3

I nearly forgot.  I found a blueprint of what I think Wesker's house would look like, except for in the space listed as GMD, would be where his indoor swimming pool would be and the downstairs guest room would be his gym. Try to keep this design in mind when reading any of my stories where Wesker still lives in Arklay County.  Some fun facts about my vision of Wesker's home; Wesker's house at 1470 Madame Curie Lane is the only house in the cul-du-sac.  His nearest neighbors live about a mile away.  The backyard of his house leads to a private nature trail which dead ends at a private lake which he is the sole owner of.
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I also forgot I found something that I thought would resemble the house Wesker found for the Annika and the Vasnev's too.
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Anime Wesker

Musings on The Relationship Part 2

Ok so where was I?  Oh yes, Wesker.

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I think that's it.  As I said last night, I am both happy and sad to see this story end.  I can't remember when I started it...  I think I started it in early 2017 or late 2016, but I didn't post it to until October of last year.  I'm not sure what will be next on the fanfiction horizon.  I have my whole New York City music thing I'll be doing in June, so I won't have a lot of brain capacity to write anything, but you never know.
Anime Wesker

Musings on writing The Relationship (Part 1)

Oh my God...  I think it took a year (possibly 2), but The Relationship is finished!  Well, it took far less time to finish this than it did Love's Sorrow.  Ah well...  No time for reflection for my first magnum opus.  This particular Author's Notes is going to be pretty lengthy, so let's get started.  Oh, later on in the entry, I'll start referring to the stories as WC (Wesker's Conquest) and TR (The Relationship), just a heads up for ya.

Edit: Apparently I've been talking about rewriting Wesker's Conquest since June of 2013!  Well damn!

Edit 2:  Yeah it’s late and I still have to post the finished product to…  So this is going to be a musing done in 2 parts.

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Well, I'm going to stop here for now.  I still have to post the end of the story up on  I wanted to get this up before bedtime.  I'll try to get the rest up tomorrow after I've rested for a bit.  I've actually have been gone all weekend, but I never once stopped thinking about this story.  I was determined to get it completed before I left for NYC and it appears that I have done that very thing!