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Our Abnormal Normal

I wrote this a few days ago and I sat on the fence about posting it, because it is ultra critical of the current state of affairs regarding guns in the United States, however, I wanted to make it public because it's too honest not to share with the world at large, the only way change can happen is if all voices are heard.  However, because this entry is so blunt and brutal, I'm going to place it under an LJ cut and if you want to read it you can, if not you can bypass it, it's completely up to you.

Our abnormal normal...Collapse )

Oh get wit me!

So, yesterday there was a news expose on the high school that William attends (Wharton) and how there were something in the neighborhood of 30+ fights this year and being in the suburbs, parents where I live are up in arms about it.  Yeah, I have an entire school of thought on this and my views are probably more jaded than anyone here, because I went to the worst high school in Philadelphia.  So let me begin with the sordid tale of my 4 years at Martin Luther King High School.

So I went to MLK from 1992 to 1996.  My first year was pretty eye opening, because even the worst students in my middle school (all of which I shared my 6th grade class with) weren't as hardcore as the toughest students at King.  In fact, one of them was happy that she had gotten transferred to Boone (which was quite literally the step before going to juvie) and would be attending school there, because it was a better learning environment for her.  Well damn!  That's pretty telling...  However, my first year...  Ooh it was a hot mess and quite the gear shift.  There were pretty much fights daily, people smoking blunts in the stairwell, and daily metal detector searches (once they found a girl had razor blades tucked into her French roll, crafty)...  Pretty much that was the norm and after awhile you get use to it.  The next year, there were two riots between the Jamaicans and the other kids. 

Full disclosure, I missed the first riot because I hookied that day.  I think I spent the entire day with my boyfriend at the time, who was Alex...  I think that was how I spent that day?!  But the second riot, I was there for, but left before things got really bad.  I mean, the security guards were telling students around 10 AM or so, if you wanted to leave for the day, it was ok, so I took that option and got out of dodge before the crap really hit the fan.  And from what I was told it got really bad by lunch time.  There were multiple fights in multiple lunchrooms.  Something about someone was on the 2nd floor balcony with a shotgun (which I don't really believe in hindsight, but who knows).  But pretty much I think the police were called in and for about a week or two there was a heavy police presence at our school.

In 11th grade a teacher was raped in a classroom, I think either before or after school and yet again there was a heavy police presence at the school.  I kinda don't remember how long they were there.  Plus we also had a lot of media around school too, which was weird.

My 12th grade year, it was pretty quiet.  Yeah there were fights, but it seemed like they calmed down a lot.  Either that or I just stopped paying attention to them one of the two.  The most thing that was going on was in in-house fight with the teachers and school administrators, because they vehemently opposed the choice for Principal.  Something about he hid in his office and only wanted to job so he could get a higher position at the school board.  I agree, the Vice Principal (the one who tried to make me sing for the school talent show) was the one who was really involved with the school and it's staff and students.  But I'm sure there were fights, I probably didn't pay them any mind.  I mean 4 years of that nonsense, of course you'll phase it out after awhile.

So this brings me to nearly 22 years later and Wharton High School.  Well, hell, I know I should be concerned for my step kids safety, but I'm not.  Wharton is not near lawless wasteland my high school was and pretty much with all these Zero-tolerance policies schools have, I'm not in the least concerned about him and fights.  I'm not even concerned about how they affect him.  I probably should be, but I'm really not.  School is an anomaly, his home life isn't.  And honestly, I used my awful high school experience as motivation to not be there with those people any longer than I had to (Oh they used to tell us all the time, "Y'all on the 5 year plan." or "Y'all on the 6 year plan".  I swear, candidates for a Ted Talk, really...).  I also used that as a reason why I decided that I would NEVER have a child of mine in public school.

However, I suppose school should be a safe place for students, but I think that's kinda a pipe dream.  People tend to forget that being a teenager is super weird.  If you are having problems of any sort, you most likely don't know how to deal with it in any constructive manner, and you will lash out at any and everyone around or do stupid self-destructive crap, be it drugs, alcohol, or sex.  Kids have a lot of stuff going on.  Some have family issues, some have mental health issues, most have problems with social media feeding into and play on anxieties (something I'm grateful I didn't have to deal with when I was a kid), and then throw in general run of the mill peer pressure!  Plus add teenage rampant hormones into the mix, forget it, it's a powder keg waiting to both implode and explode. 

I've always said, you couldn't pay me to go back to high school and man, is that never more true than now.  

So we made it...

Well nearly. 2017 has been another awful year and tomorrow I have to look back at it in-depth which I'm super not looking forward to.

Sigh... I hate to say this, but for the first time, I think ever (and if not ever, then in a super long time), I'm not looking forward to the new year. I guess in my mind if I'm not optimistic about the new year, I won't be disappointed or appalled if/ or when it all goes sideways.


Saying good bye to the Krimson Post...

So I just finished what is probably going to be the last article for The Krimson Post.  I'm actually a little bit sad about that.  I poured a lot of my heart and soul into those articles.  Admittedly some stories were better than others, each one however, did take a certain amount of time to create and a lot of hard work went into every article.  Overall, I am proud of the work I did.  And I think it actually helped with my fanfiction a little bit.

As for The Evil Within 2, from what I can tell by watching some of the early access stuff up online, in the new game you'll still collect Krimson Post articles, but it won't be like how it was in the first game where you see basically the front page of the Krimson Post and all the subheadlines.  It's just going to be the blurbs from the main article and that's it.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that's the way it's going to go from now on.  Not much I can do about that, except just roll with the punches, I guess.  But that also means, that even if I wanted to, I can't write Krimson Post articles for The Evil Within 2.  Not unless I wanted to undertake finishing out those articles???


Two reasons.

Reason 1) I wasn't nearly as diligent with writing articles this year, as I was last year.  I think last year I churned out an article every Sunday and I think I only missed in total 5 or 6 weeks?  This year there were whole months missing, but this year has been really difficult a lot has happened, plus I got super hyped when I found out the new game was on it's way.

Reason 2) I plan on cranking out an assload of fanfiction!  Heck, I'm hard pressed not to write some stories now.  My Stefano story has gotten way more henious and I'm hoping I can use it, but I have to wait.  I may have a story for Father Theodore, but I'm not sure how invested in him I am yet.  Stefano scares me a lot and I think my little backstory for him will give him that extra super fucked up boost, but I'll have to wait and see.  Then there's all the tragic Sebastian stuff that I'll have to write up, so my brain is going to be on fanfiction overload by the end of next month.

So while I am pretty miffed that I won't be able to write any more Krimson Post articles, I haven't completely given up writing.  It will just be pure fanfiction instead of legitimate fake news.

Farewell Krimson Post.  I will miss you terribly, but it's time to move on.

Super Pissed!

35 hours! It's been 35 fucking hours since we last had power! I could understand if we live in a place that was really hit hard by the storm. A place where there were downed power lines everywhere, tons of old trees fell, and everwhere you looked was damage city. But no! The trees that fell are mostly saplings, although I did see one or two older trees down. Two, all of our power lines are underground and there was no lightening that hit a transformer. And lastly all the damage I saw was cosmetic stuff, like a handful of fences were down and not even one pool cage was damaged.

So what the fuck TECO?!?!

According to Jose, this happened because there is one power line, FUCKING ONE POWER LINE down at the substation we draw power from. That's what he saw when he went past there earlier today. And, conveniently, no one was around to fix it. Bravo TECO, fucking bravo!!!

Nearly two fucking days with no power because someone hasn't gotten their shit together to fix ONE POWER LINE?!?!?!?!? And now I'm hearing it can be anywhere from 3 to fucking 10 days before they can restore power.

If this happened in Philly when it is perpetually 100,000° degrees all the time I wouldn't care. But it's on fire here. The only good thing is the humidity isn't ultra high right now, but who knows how long that's going to last. There is no reason it should take 2+ days to fix ONE fucking power line!

Ever since this whole storm thing began, I have been asking Jose why we continue to live here, because I haven't been amused since I moved here and continue to be unamused.

She's outta here!

The storm has passed and I'm happy that our house is still standing, well minus a piece of something called flashing fell off, but Jose said it should be an easy fix and under warranty. But our house is still standing and everyone inside is well. Even Shyla did well. I would have sworn she was going to flip out, but she was solid as a rock through the storm.

Our power cut out around 6 this morning and we still don't have it back yet. I'm hoping they can get it back before nightfall. I really don't want to spend the night in total darkness.

I am very grateful this is over and next time there is a storm, I know to be better prepared, because all the flashlights were sold out as well as all the batteries. Our solar phone charger didn't work and neither did our led camping lanterns. Those are things that should have been checked earlier in the week not a few days/ the day before/ the day of the storm. I'm not so much concerned about water, because we stockpiled a lot of it beforehand. Plus froze a lot in the two deep freezers.

The sun is out and I think the winds have died down considerably. So things here are as normal as they can be. Let's just hope TECO (our power company) can get the electricity flowing again, and soon!

So scared I could cry

So Tampa is going to get the worst of Irma and I'm near hysterical. At least I am on the inside I'm hysterical on the outside I appear calm... This is really scary and I don't like being this afraid.
So the hurrican is on its way here. I am absolutely frightened. Grant it, I have been through hurricans before, but tup in Philly they are mostly rain events, this is the real thing and I am super scared of what is going to happen. But according to Jose we have a few things going in our favor.

First, our house is brand new a supposed to withstand winds up to category 3. Same for all the windows and doors. I think the projections are saying it will be a Category 2 by the time it reaches here. Secondly we aren't in any of the flood evacuation areas and drainage in our area is pretty good.

I know sometimes I gripe about living in suburbia, but because this is a relatively new section of Tampa (built up in the last 10 to 15 years), we have better systems in place than in South Tampa (the older section of the city). Our house is actually raised 3 feet above the flood plane. The flood plane is that forest area behind the pond. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the retaining pond will function properly and drain out the excess water into the forest land.

Thirdly, Jose said that our electric lines are mostly underground. So again I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't lose power. And if we do, lets hope it won't be for too long.

With all that said, I'm still petrified out of my mind. This storm is really scary and has the potential to destroy any and everything in its path. I'm just hoping Tampa won't have to suffer too many harsh consequences from this.

In the midst of all this chaos, I have a small scratch/ ulcer on my left eye and it is unbelievably painful. I've done 2 of the 4 eye drops I'm supposed to do today and it doesn't feel any better. Maybe by the day's last dose it will start to feel a little better. And at least this happened before the storm. I may have not gotten the help I needed for this issue after today.

So yeah... I'm just ducky... Just batting 1000 this week. If I can make it through this storm intact, I will be glad to see this storm and week go, cause it's just been abysmal.

Not a very nice place...

It's been awhile since I wrote about The Evil Within, so let's get into it.

So I write articles for Twitter/ Word Press for the newspaper in the game The Evil Within for fun.  Actually I'll be giving it up once the new game comes out, but I may pick it back up later, I haven't decided.  But when the new game comes out I will be stopping the Krimson Post for a little while.

However, in writing Krimson Post articles there is one over arching theme I can't shake and that is Krimson City is a hot mess!  It's leaps and bounds WORSE than Raccoon City and I'm talking after the outbreak occurred in Raccoon City (probably even when the bomb touched down).  I don't really see how anyone could want to live there.  There were at least two serial murderers roaming around (I'm looking at you Ruvik and Stefano) and the mystery of people randomly disappearing/ Mobius abducting people.  None of these things were solved by the police. Way to go KCPD!  Fictional people's hard earned tax dollars hard at work!  Then there were the really random occurrences like the lawnmower that killed a woman (My very first Krimson Post story by the way), the peeping Tom incident, the senator fined for double parking, and the phone lines were having weird issues.

Add to that, all the social problems in and around Krimson City, like riots in the suburbs, the city was trying to impose a "grave tax", the waste management workers went on strike, unemployment in Krimson City was over 8%, the smog in the city was getting worse, there was a problem with gangs taking over a park, and the citizen of Krimson City were losing confidence in their police force.  I mean when five members of the police force go missing (and three of them are detectives!) can you blame them for questioning the ability/ competency of their police force?

It seems crazy that one small city had such crazy problems!  Geez!  Well one thing is certain, when it comes to video game cities I would like to call home, Krimson City, really isn't one of them.

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