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Decisions... Decisions...

For a few days now, I've been debating on using my (oooh one whole day) sick time either tomorrow or Tuesday. Not that I've been sick or anything. I'm just sick of this job and (nearly) everyone on it. I kinda knew October was going to be like this, cause it was the first month where I didn't have some kind of day off.

During the late spring and summer I took off for Animazement and Otakon, but I knew I wouldn't be hitting any cons after that until Usa. In September I had off for Labor Day and I'll have off (1 day) for Thanksgiving. But I'll be off the Monday and Tuesday before the holiday. But I haven't decided if I was going to actually take that day yet. I mean I have that scheduled off, but I may not take it. I have to see what kind of mood I'm in by the end of Usa.

But I need to pick which day I want to take off, either tomorrow or Tuesday. But when I think about it, I can't... Or should I say, I shouldn't take Tuesday off, cause that's the day those bozos from JACHO are going to be here and I do have a doctor's appointment the day after that, which I will be leaving early for. So it's going to have to be either Friday or nothing...

Knowing how I am with this damn work ethic of mine, I'll more then likely not take any day off and come in tomorrow disgusted. They're supposedly having some "pot-luck" Halloween type party tomorrow, but I'm not feeling it.

However, this entire month I have worked straight through. I've never done something like that before. Even when I was in school, I'd either skip a day or something. No one should have to work like this. I mean for goodness sakes, I don't have Dec. 26th or Jan. 2nd off (But I'm sure the fabulous Mark has those days off) that simply isn't fair.

I'm office staff, not medical/ "field" staff. I don't have any interaction with patients, save for looking at their charts or having to deal with them when they call, so why should I have to come in on "Observed" holidays? And even though, both those days are "federal observed holidays", I'm sure I won't be getting paid time and a half like I really should be.

Oh healthcare (and the fabulous one) can suck it! When I'm done at this job, I swear the next job I get will be something where I do something creative and don't have to work with a group of bitey, whiney, gossipy, backing-stabbing, self-righteous women. And I'll never again work in healthcare! This is just an exercise in pointlessness and I know next time to choose something better suited to me instead of the first thing that comes along.

Woo-hoo: I wanna take some time off and I think tomorrow is going to be the ticket.

Barf: Nanimonai

Current Song: Harry Gregson-Williams' Debriefing background music from Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater OST (Oh this music makes me cry every time I hear it... Poor Mama. Poor Papa)


Oct. 31st, 2005 08:22 pm (UTC)
o_O I think it's to get all the cat-co-workers tamed. You know the real kitty co-workers. The one that hisses at you when you try to pet them, and scratch you if you befriend them. Rowr.. *cat-scratches*

@_@; Tell me about it. We were swamped the past month, and a new sale is starting. Because they happen constantly, it's gonna be hell all year. ;_; But you know what? I kicked so many damn doors, and I'm not gonna let some dumb sales, retarded customers or that Hooker-and-John Ryan and whore Heaven take that from me by starting drama over something dumb. (I tried to call you, btw.) I do the easy job. Cutting the fabric! ^^

Don't let the co-workers get to you. My co-workers are already trying to drag me into a nightclub and I just got hired..o_O I can't be THAT pitiful..am I?

I'm trying not to let jinkaku get to me. But I can't help the fact that I want to fight back, and I don't like losing. Blame the Taurean attributes I have; It's very hard for me to give up. You have to make me dead exhausted to throw the towel. Though I'm physically a helpless imp, I can put up a pretty damn good fight on, and offline.

(And so you won't be tangled in this by accident because of me, I suggest deleting chocochick from your friends list. She supports them in ridding the internet of me. You're like a mommy to me.)

Sadly, I still care. -_- Damn my stupid-kindness. I'm always nice and caring to the wrong people. ;_;

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