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Something I haven't done in awhile

I haven't done a really ranty post in awhile, but I'm in such a mood right now...  As you may know (those who live in or around Philadelphia) Septic is on strike.  Oh for joy...  So Mom orchestrates a carpool for two of the women who work in her office and I'm going along for this too.  This is super nice of Mom to do.  So she sends Joann my boss an e-mail basically saying that since she'll be taking some of her co-workers home, if we came in by 7 and got started could we leave at about 3:30 or so.  Of course my boss forgets this since those joint commission assholes are here.  So when I get ready to leave at 4 (an hour later then anticipated mind you), she gives me some smart assed, "Well if you gotta go!"

Bitch you're the one who said...  You know what...  Nevermind...

Also with leaving, you just know that started this huge controversy with the gossipy wenches in the office.  God only knows what they were staying behind my back after I left yesterday.  Even though I'm always (with the exception of today) I'm always the first one here.  I'm always the one who gets here before anyone else.  I never take a break, except for my lunch break.  I'm always usually here, except for my anime conventions.  So it's like kiss my ass!

Besides, did any of you offer me a ride?  No!  Did any of you give a damn how I got here?!  Well, sorta; Mary asked me and so did Stacey, but other then that did anyone else even consider if I needed a ride?  No.  Even though...  Oh, the new girl in medical records gets a ride from someone who lives on the polar opposite end of the city.

Well thank you one and all for making me feel like a cherished member of the office.  I'm completely under whelmed.  Oh and the reason I had to take the train in today was because Mom had to visit the WSV office out in Scranton, PA so she couldn't bring me in today.  But I'll be going with her tomorrow.

So today when I leave at quarter of five I don't wanna hear a blessed assed thing.  I have to walk from 4th and Market to 11th and Market so I can catch my overcrowded train home.  And since I had to walk from 11th here, timed it to see how long it would take.  It takes 15 minutes to get from here to Market East station and my train leaves at 5:16.  So unless someone offers me a ride, a bike, some roller-skates, or a pogo stick I don't wanna hear jack shit about me leaving early! 

Oh I have to quit this job soon.  But I'm in tangled in one or two things right now, plus not to mention my dental work that needs to get done.  Which I have to reschedule my appointment for that again, cause I have two days off after Usa, so I wanna get my teeth filled then.  And I'll just get all of them filled and have a day to myself to recover.

Tomorrow is my...  Ahem...  obg/yn appointment.  I don't wanna hear about me leaving then either.  But since I have all this lovely health insurance, I figured I should get everything taken care of especially before I leave here.  Which I'm starting to see will be very soon.  After I'm done with my little top-secret thing, I'll be looking for a new job and hopefully be outta here faster then Mama pulling some CQC.

Woo-hoo:  Actually I feel a lot better now that I got all that off my chest....

Barf:  Ugh...  This strike and then this job....  Both like to drive me to distraction.

Current Song:  Harry Gregson-Williams' The Cobras In the Jungle and The Pain background music from Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater

Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, come on now?!, really?!, work rant

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