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My new resolution

I think this is the straw that broke the preverbal camel's back. Today, I'm sitting quietly doing my work when the receptionist Mary comes over to me and says; "You know I'm leaving at 2:30 today." She's telling me this because I'm the one doing the telephones today. But as you all know there is a transit strike going on and mom has been doing this carpool thing, which is working out very well.

However, she tells me, and quite haughtily too, "I'm leaving at 2:30 today, it's on the calendar." My (calm) response is "But I'm leaving at 3:30 cause of the strike." And what does she tell me in the same haughty tone of voice, "Well you're going to have to stay cause there's no one else here that can answer the telephones."

Now, I know Stacey is out and Kia leaves at 3, but there is at least two other women in this office that can answer the phones in my stead. There's Elsie and the other Mary, but receptionist Mary tells me, "Mary's too busy she can't do it."

Ummm hi.... I can recall a time about three months ago where she was out, Stacey and Kia were at the Baltimore office and I had to answer the phones on a very busy paperwork day. Plus another day when Stacey was off, which was about two weeks ago on a Monday morning, my heaviest paperwork day, I had to answer the phones and help Elsie with the paperwork.

So don't give me that bullshit story that she can't do it because she's busy! Most of the oasis have been pushed and if she and the other bitches in medical records didn't sit in there running their mouths all fucking day long, she wouldn't be so busy now. There's no good ass reason why they have to be in there fucking flapping their gums all day long!

But I digress.... Taking a deep breath in..... Exhaling slowly.....

I apologize about that... But it's the truth. No one has a blessed thing to say to me until they want something and I've had it. I am being taken advantage of and in the worst way too.

I hate this job and I'm going to quit. As soon as everything I'm doing is done I'm so outta here. Even if I can get another office position until I can thing of something better to do, I can't stay here. These women and selfish and backbiting and I can't stand it. They make me sick and I don't want any part of it anymore.

Woo-hoo: I have a new resolution, to leave this place forever. I know I want an apartment, but I think my happiness should come first and right now, this job is not making me happy. So when everything is said and done, I'm going to quit Bayada forever.

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