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All's well that ends well...

Wait before I begin this entry just what the hell is that supposed to mean "all's well that ends well"? All is well that ends well??? When you break it down that doesn't make a whole heck of a lot of sense. I guess back in history when someone asked you how you were or how your day was going the normal response was "all's well" or "all is well". But "all's well that ends well"... I'm not getting it.

However... The strike is over and everything is back to normal. Thankfully it didn't last too long. There was a time where it lasted for 40 days, but that wasn't the case this time. And while I will miss leaving at 3:30 for the sake of not hearing the claptrap, I much rather leave at five of five.

But when I think about it, what business of theirs is it if I leave at 5, 3:30, or 2 am? I come in, I do my work, I mind my own business, and go home; why is it that you harpies can't manage to do the same thing? Why are you so damn concerned about what I'm doing? If you all spent less time nosing around wondering what everyone else is doing and pay attention to what you're supposed to be doing then maybe the state wouldn't come waltzing in here every couple of months.

Besides, I come in before everyone. Everyday that I work in the sorry excuse of an office I am the first one here. I beat my boss, I beat the girl who trained me, I beat everyone so how dare any of them sit there and accuse me of doing something shady when I'm the one who does exactly what I'm supposed too plus a little extra... So I take offence at any of these vultures criticizing me for doing working my normal 8-hour day (plus I didn't take a lunch or 15 minute break either), which is exactly what I did. I just did it earlier then they did.

It's not my fault you all (and by you all, I mean Mary the receptionist and Kia the head of medical records) are a bunch of lazy cows who can't manage to slog out of bed at a reasonable hour of the morning. And besides, Kia leaves at 3 to 3:30 anyway because of her kids, who really kiss my black ass. You really shouldn't have a damn thing to say to me!

Switching gears now, I've set my dental appointment for the Monday after Usa. I will have all eight cavities filled and after that is all said and done, I'll save up the money to have the two wisdom teeth removed. That probably won't be for a while though, since that's going to be a scary and costly procedure. Ugh, I'm hoping this won't be too painful... But it has to get done and I'd rather have it done in one lump sum, and then drag it out.

After I get my dental work done, I will be looking for another job. I know now I can't stay here at Bayada. I hate my job and I'm not too enthralled about this company either. And yes, I'm saying this as I use the company computer. I know the Fabulous Mark is all about family and all that crap, but that's just PR rhetoric, it doesn't mean too much here in this office.

In the past few weeks I have been picked on, abused, and made to feel like a complete and utter outsider. After working here for half a year, I shouldn't feel like that, especially if the company prides itself on people being treated as family. I feel like the bastard stepchild and am treated as such. There is no reason why I should be feeling like this and after Joann and Stacey go downstairs... I'm only going to be treated worse. So, I'm going to get all my health needs taken care of and then I'm going to roll.

Woo-hoo: Found out Usa is in 10 days... Holy crap! I have a costume that's half finished. I need to get cracking!

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