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This is just plain stupid

You know... I'm 27 years old. I'll be 28 in a little over three months. I work with people who are well over 28 years old, with a few exceptions. So someone answer me this question. Why are fully grown and quiet frankly old women acting as though they are in high school?

Okay, here's the scenario. Mary the receptionist isn't talking to me as well as everyone in medical records. The people in my department have to talk to me, but I get the sense that they're mad at me for whatever reason and if this has to do with this strike bit... Actually no... This has to do with Monday, the day the strike ended.

See Monday the strike had come to an end, but the busses and subway lines didn't start back up until the afternoon, so Mom still drove all of us to work and took us home, which meant that I still had to start my day at seven and ended it at 3:30. Of course, I was the one who unlocked the office, went to the drop box and still managed to get my work done in silence, but I guess actually doing what I was supposed to do was against the rules.

This has be about the most idiotic thing I've ever experienced since I became an adult. Getting the silent treatment because of something that had absolutely nothing to do with me! This is just plain stupid. And the fact that I'm sitting here writing this on my diary is even worse... What the hell. When I took this job all I wanted was to work in peace, but I haven't gotten a moments peace since I started. Well, at first I did, but not since they damn near got me fired several months ago.

And Mom had a theory. That they could be trying to goad me into going into rage mode to try to get me fired again. It's not going to work. While I've been mad at work because of the changes I've been undergoing, I haven't been on rage mode; I haven't even gotten close to rage mode. However, that could be the case, where they want me to say or do something to put my head in a noose, but I've been keeping my head down and my mouth shut. I have a feeling something really bad is about to happen and I just wanna stay out of the middle of the firestorm.

Plus it's like Regina, one of my mother's co-workers, said. They are horrible up there and she's gotten the silent treatment from them for two weeks. So I'm sure in two weeks they'll get over whatever is ailing them. In fact, next week is Usa and for two days after that Friday of Usa, I'll be out. Then that Thursday is Thanksgiving. And then we work again that Friday and then the weekend... Plus after seeing Paul this coming Monday night, I may use my sick day and take that Tuesday off. So I really won't be around for most of their shenanigans.

But I think what has me wigged out is the stupidity of the whole thing. If you people took all this energy you have to gossip and actually threw it into your work, that office would be a force to contend with. But no, you have to sit around and whisper about what other people do all day long and thus is why that office never really prospers and probably never will. Because they focus their attentions on the wrong things...

Oh well, I'm just going to ignore them. If they wanna act like a horse’s ass, then they can help themselves. I'm not going to be a party to it. This time I'm going to truly disassociate myself from everything that's going on and I'm going to focus on my work (which is what they should be doing, but you didn't hear that from me). So that way if Joann decides to call me to the carpet, she can't say a damn thing about my work.
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