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So I'm being ousted...

This mess at work is just getting worse and worse. Yesterday I get totally chewed out by Mary for saying something that quite honestly had nothing to do with her, it's a long pointless story, which I really don't feel like reliving cause its going to make me mad again. But I got chewed out by Mary, Kea is totally not talking to me for God only knows what dumb ass reason, and everyone in the office is treating me really bad. So fuck this I don't have to put up with these petty childish bitches. Like I said the other day, if you all wanna act like a horse's ass, then help yourselves I don't have time for it and I won't be apart of it.

In the meantime, I've been looking for other jobs. I think this morning I printed out 15 updated resumes. It's time to get the hell outta here and do something that is better suited to me. Tu-wit, I have been looking at jobs of various types and descriptions. One that really caught my eye was teaching English in Japan.

Now, how I came to this I have no idea. It's not even motivated for my zeal to go to Tokyo Game Show. I just thought of this out of the blue and I found two potential positions on this website. They don't require a teaching degree or knowledge of Japanese. As I've said many times, I only really know enough Japanese to introduce myself and ask where the bathroom is, so if I get this chance (which I will take if given the opportunity) this will be a complete baptismal by fire.

Oh God... Why do I just see me battling Godzilla in some weird battle royal? And why do I see myself winning this battle too??? But I hope this pans out. And I want to say that I'm not doing this to run away from problems. I'm actually facing up to a lot of things...

What was that they said on Vice City??? Something about facing up to home truths or something... Oh here's a better quote which comes from the Simpson’s, "Its time to face up to the un-face-up-to-able". Well, I'm facing up to the un-face-up-to-able. And yeah, it's rough realizing one very bad lapse in judgment has cost me dearly, but at least I'm facing up to it all and when it's over I will be a better person for it. Heck, I think I'm a better person now.

Mom had a theory about all the bad stuff that's been going on at work. She said its because I'm on the right track and that when you're on the right track bad things always try to get in your way to stop you. Yeah... She's right... Oh well... The good thing about all this bad stuff is it's going to be coming to an end soon enough. That is what I live for right now.

Woo-hoo: Looking forward to a brighter, better, less bitey future!

Barf: Getting there, though, is not half the fun. Whoever said that should be dragged out in the streets and beat to death with socks full of soap.

Current Song: Steve Conte's Call Me (Ease My Mind) song from Cowboy Bebop the episode where Ed leaves
Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, frustration, work rant

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