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Free At Last

Mom started her new job today and I once again after nearly a month an a half, get to wake up to the sounds of complete and utter silence. I think I speak for everyone, by which I mean the cats, and myself when I say, Ahhhhhh!!!

However this isn't going to last too long. Dad is going in for his knee surgery Thursday and once he comes home, I'll never get on the internet ever again. Mom said recovery takes 6-8 weeks or something like that, I know how lazy my father is, so it's going to be way longer then that. So I'm going to enjoy what I have for right now, because it's going to be really really short lived. I swear to God, I need to find a job and fast.

And speaking of which, I didn't get the other job I interviewed for two weeks ago. I kinda thought it would pan out that way. They sent me an e-mail friday and I just got back to them today. They were like we'll keep you in mind of we have an opening in the future. I said that I understood and thanked them for their time and consideration. What I really wanted to say was drop dead and burn in hell. But I didn't. You never want to burn a bridge.

Oh, whilst on the subject of burnt bridges... Sigh... My dear friend Kristin... I'm done with her. I can't take it anymore.

What happened???

Okay pull up a chain and prepare to read for a while cause this is going to take awhile.

So, I think Thursday Moe-Chan had called and said that she and Kristin were going to go see Fahrenheit 9/11. I said it was a really good movie and she asked if I wanted to go with her. So of course I would jump at the chance to see it again. So the next day Moe-Chan tells me that Kristin is whining that she isn't going to pay for us to see the movie and that I'm just taking advantage of her using her for money and all this other shit.

*Oh really???*

Let me take you back to February. I had gotten a paycheck and a regular check from my school and I had about $300 bucks. The week before she had brought something for my mother and didn't I pay her back? Hm, I believe I did pay her back. Oh and if I'm not mistaken, I also paid for my own dinner that night too. Okay, that was a while ago. So lets take you back to my trip to California.

Okay, we were in Chinatown. And I saw my Yami no boshito hon no tabishido sitting in the rack. It was $25.99 all I had on me I think was $20 bucks or something like that, basically I didn't have enough. Oh and I didn't have enough because I had to pay for my own breakfast that morning. However, she offered to get it for me, and I said, really kinda rudely too, "No, I'll come back and get it tomorrow!" Which is exactly what I did. I came back the next day and brought it myself.

When I have money I do get my own stuff. But when I don't have money... What the fuck are you going to do?!

I'm sorry, I don't have things handed to me on a silver platter like she does. I can't be so lucky as to have my father get me a job in his office. Or have a friend who has the inside track on a teaching job get me a job somewhere.

When I went to my last job interview, which was at a temp agency, I had the woman tell me, there aren't really any jobs other then customer service positions and that the need for administrative assistants is really really low. But I'm sure if I told her that, she would say, that's not true.

Dude, I look at the news every night and I actually do read the business section of the newspaper. And they all say the same thing, that unemployment is still up. I think the last time I heard something it was at something like 5.4% or something. We are in a recession, even though no one in government is willing to admit it. It's hard out there. I've been on interviews, but just because you interview there is no guarantee of a job. I wish it was, but it's not. But because she didn't have to look for a job after college, she feels that she can stick her nose in the air and proclaim that it's easy to find a job. It's like how would you know. Have you ever looked for one?!

But far beyond that, the other reason I'm done with Kristin is because she's always going behind my back talking about me. This is the exact same shit she pulled when she wasn't talking to Moe-Chan for all those years. And you know what, I'm not going to take that shit. Who does she think she is?! She has all this shit to say behind my back, well you know something, fuck you!!! There's going to come a time when all those other people that you think are your real friends are going to stab you in the back, and you're going to want to come crawling back to me, and I'm not going to have the time of day for you, fuck it! I'm through.

So yuppers, we're done. I don't need a so-called friend like her. I don't need it and really, I don't deserve it. I swear to god, I shouldn't even be having this discussion, but we all know how Kristin is. All uppity and self-important. Lord knows I've got more then enough problems all by myself without having her add to them.

Woo-hoo: Got the house all to myself again! Thank goodness.

Barf: I have to dump a friend. It's sad but it has to be done.

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