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Give me a logical answer

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday. A few people I know didn't have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with the turkey and stuffing and such. But whatever you ate or did, I hope you had a nice holiday. As for my holiday, it was very quite. I ended up playing Snake Eater all day long (That and I was talking to a few people on IM). And when I say all day long, I started about 9:30-10 o'clock and didn't wrap it up until about 5 something after I fought The End. Needless to say I felt pretty fried for the rest of the night.

However, do I have a day to relax and recover from yesterday? Do I have another day to laze in bed and take a rest from the rigors of that God awful job? No.... I have to go in and stare at a computer screen for 8 and a half hours. I have no idea why the fabulous one has decided why everyone should come to work, but that was his decree and his decree is apparently is like the word of God or something.

I don't think this would be such a problem if someone would explain to me why an office lackey such as myself has to go in on the day after a major holiday. I'm not medical personnel. I have no medical training what-so-ever. In fact, if someone keeled over in front of me, the most I could possibly do for them is call 911. So if someone can give me a logical reason for office personnel to be in today, without resorting to that, "Our patients need you", or "The care we give means so much to our patients", or "Medical staff may need something from the office" or any of that other logical fallacy bull crap, then I'll go to work and treat it as though it were any other Friday.

Oh crap, it's Friday too... Which means I have to answer the friggin phones today... Oh I'm so not in the mood for this today...

Okay... Let me state here and now, that the next job I apply for I'm going to make sure of a few things. One, that I won't be doing my job and several other people's jobs on top of that. Two, that it's not an office full of women. Three, its not in the healthcare industry. And four, that we get at a low the Thursday and Friday after Thanksgiving off, as well as observed, major holidays. Cause I can already tell from this little rant the day after Christmas and New Year's, which are both observed holiday, I will be wanting to kill.

Woo-hoo: Sad to say this, but Nanimonai

Barf: I really don't want to go to work, but I don't have a choice.

Current Song: Daijoubu I think this is the ending theme to the middle school series of Kadomo No Omocha
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