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More Fanfiction madness!

There has been a lot of fanfiction flying.  kawaii_neko23 was the rock that got this started with her fanfiction The Dinner, which she really, really needs to finish!  Ahem!  Hint, hint, hint!

But after that I had to post Converstation with a corspe.  Then scarbie posted one which was hilarious.  I still can't figure out why it makes me blush though.  And now I'm going to post the one I wrote for her and one that I'm still sorta actively working on called Father and Son Finally Meet.  But first, I'll post My Destiny To Be Here.

Oh Scarbie, there was this line that I swore I had put in, but I must have been thinking about it and never got a chance to put it in.  Something about the sweet smell of the cardboard nearly brought Papa to orgasam...  I may have to do some wrangling so I can fit that line in.  But here it is...

My Destiny to Be Here

Snake ran inside the tiny armory in hopes that he could shake the guards that were chasing him. One momentary lapse in concentration caused him to miss his target, shoot clear past the guard, and sent everyone into alert mode. Groznyj Grad was not the place to make such foolish mistakes. The guards here were highly trained and formidable marksmen. Lapses in concentration around here were libel to get him killed.

However, now wasn’t the time for reproach, he had to find somewhere to hide and quickly. He wasn’t sure if anyone had seen him slip into this small armory and even if they didn’t, they would surely check inside here for safety sake. If a small army found him in here, he would most certainly die in a hale of bullets.

Taking a quick glance around, Snake looked to see if there was anything he could hide behind, but this was a small room. Most everything was neatly stacked against the walls. But then it hit him like a pile of bricks; hide inside of one of the cardboard boxes. Looking at an empty cardboard box, Snake instantly took it, flipped it upside down and curled up underneath it.

As soon as he was nestled under the box his heart stopped pounding in his chest and a sense of serenity passed over him. This was an unusual feeling, but one that he enjoyed immensely. It felt so safe and protected under here, like being once again inside mother’s comforting womb. But if someone discovered he was under here… But it didn’t matter, right now he felt safe and cozy.

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