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Okay this is the last fanfic, I promise...

Well this will be the last one I post under my aachannoichi account. I think I'm going to start an account for all my unpublished stories. Things that I don't feel should go up on ff.net for whatever reason.

But as I promised Scarbie, this is a story about Mama and Papa.  I have a couple of these Mama and Papa stories cause they all go together in this big (overambitious) project I have for a group of stories called The Chronicles of Jack and The Boss.  This one is called Modesty and just to warn you kids it's kinda smutty...  Really smutty, but it's one of my favorites and it's the only one that's finished (sorta).  Oh and it's kinda long just to warn you.

But here it is, and this will be the last story I post on aachannoichi, I swear!

Stretching, The Boss got up from her chair and walked out of the den. She had spent all day reading various files and catching up on lingering paperwork. God how she hated doing mindless paperwork, but it was one of those mundane things that had to be done. Even the legendary Boss wasn’t immune to a mound of paperwork.

However after working several hours without interruption it was time for a much needed break. She needed to get something to eat and drink, plus she figured it would best if she checked on Jack to see what he was up too.

Around seven in the morning she heard him finally wake up and shower. Hopefully he had done at least half of his chores this morning. Sometimes he was like a child who needed constant supervision. Today would not be a good day for him to be loafing around, because if he was, there would be hell to pay.

Walking around the hallways of their home, The Boss began to question if Jack was even in the house, everything seemed really quite. But he couldn’t be gone; she didn’t hear the car start; besides he knew better then to take the car without her permission. Also she could feel a second presence in the house, but she wasn’t sure where exactly he was hiding.

“Jack?” She questioned as she passed by their bedroom. “Jack, are you in here?”

Opening up the door their bedroom she didn’t see him in here. Well, at least he wasn’t in here sleeping. Closing the door, she walked down the hallway and passed by the bathroom. As she walked by, she could hear a strange sound. It was the sound of heavy breathing.

“Oh he couldn’t be…” She thought for a moment.

She stood by the door for a moment long to make sure her suspicions weren’t valid, but the breathing continued. Grabbing the door knob, The Boss opened the door and there on the toilet sat Jack masturbating wildly to some photos.

“I thought that’s what you were doing!” She said.

Instantly Jack stopped what he was doing and his face turned bright red.

“And you’re doing it to pictures!” She said sounding disappointed. “Jack, no one likes a cheater.”

“Boss…” He said trying desperately to cover up his genitals.

The Boss walked into the bathroom, took the pictures out of his hands, and she looked at them. The first pictures were of a voluptuous young woman being penetrated by a rather well endowed man. The second was of the same woman orally gratifying that man. And the last photo was of the man ejaculating on the young woman’s very ample breast.

“I take it these came in the package Doug sent you?”

Jack was still highly embarrassed so he didn’t answer her.

“I’ll deal with Doug later.” She said. “As for you, you are going to learn a few things…”

“But…” He stuttered.

“I’ll be keeping these photos.” She said. “But in the meantime, I want you to finish what you were doing.”

“Finish?” He said sounding completely mortified.

“Yes.” She said sternly. “Finish. Right now.”


“But what?” She questioned.

“I can’t…”

“Why can’t you.” She asked.

“I…” He choked on his words.

“Is it because you don’t have your pictures?” She questioned. “Or is there another reason?”

He didn’t answer her.

“Just look at how red your face is.” She said. “A solider has no shame, no modesty. You should be able to do anything, no matter what it is without being shy.”

Jack had nothing to say.

“You are going to stand up right now and finish masturbating.”


“Go on.” She said. “I want you to finish right now.”

Jack stood up and then looked down at his penis, but he knew as long as she was standing there staring at him he would never be able to get aroused. Besides it was really hard for him to just instantly get aroused, he needed some form of outside stimulus. Looking up at The Boss, he saw the angry look on her face. It was a look that he was well acquainted with. God only knows what will happen if he didn’t produce some kind of results. The Boss was capable of doing anything and the last thing he wanted was his genitals to be yanked off by her.

“I’m waiting.” She said impatiently.

Jack looked down at his manhood again and it was no dice. There was nothing he could do to get aroused. The Boss knew this and she just shook her head.

“Pull up your pants and come with me.” She demanded.

Jack gulped and reluctantly pulled up his pants. The Boss led Jack out of the bathroom towards their bedroom. The Boss opened up the bedroom door and went instantly over to the bed. Sitting down upon the mattress, she beckoned Jack to come inside. Timidly, Jack walked into the room.

“Now then.” She said sternly. “I want you to understand something, if you want to be a solider you are going to have give up the modesty act. There could be a time when you are captured by an enemy, stripped naked, and forced to partake in some… Let’s just say very unpleasant acts. You won’t have time for modesty then will you?”

“No Boss.” Jack replied softly.

“What was that?”

“No Boss!” He said sternly.

“With that being said, I want you to take off all your clothes right now.”

Jack began to undress. He removed his shirt first. He took the clean white shirt and placed it neatly over the door knob of the closet. Then he unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall to his ankles. Stepping out of them he picked them up folded them neatly and draped them over a nearby chair. When he was finished with that task he waited for instruction from The Boss.

“I said take off ALL your clothes Jack.” She said sternly.

Once again, Jack’s face turned a bright shade of red as he pulled down his white underpants and let them slide to his ankles. Naturally he tried to cover up his genitals from The Boss’s view.

“Put your hands at your side Jack.” She demanded.

With a sigh he put his arms at his side. The Boss couldn’t help but smile. He was pretty well endowed, which was kinda shocking. Someone with as much mouth as he had he didn’t seem like the type with the manhood to back it up. It was very impressive, and this was even before he was aroused. Imagine what it would look like when he was at his full height?

The Boss got up from the bed and walked over to Jack, who was obviously embarrassed beyond anything he had ever known. But someday he would learn to shake off that modesty.

“How old were you when you lost your virginity Jack?” She asked walking around him, eyeing up his body.

“I was 16.” He said softly.

“That’s about the average age.” She said. “Who was she?”

“Catherine Berkley.”

“Pretty name.” The Boss said. “Was she pretty?”


“What did she look like?” The Boss asked as she stopped behind him and slowly slid her hands across his broad back.

“She…” He stuttered a moment. The Boss’s hands felt so good against his back. They were so warm and surprisingly soft. It was strange to actually have her be gentle with him. “She had long brown hair, big brown eyes, this bright sunny smile…”

“Did she have a nice body?” The Boss questioned continuing to rub his back.


“Tell me about it.”

“She had very plump breast. A thin waist and nicely shaped ass.”

“So tell me about your first time?” The Boss whispered. “How did it happen?”

“It was the day of my high school class picnic.” He started. “It was being held at this lake in my hometown. I remember it was a warm sunny day, and Catherine had on this pink and white dress, she looked so pretty when I picked her up that day…”

Jack paused for a moment. He could feel The Boss moving her hands from his back to his front and then slid down to his semi-aroused cock. The chills from her masturbating him were maddening.

“Keep going Jack.” She whispered in his ear.

“We get half way to where the picnic was when Cathy tells me to pull over. I asked her why and she showed me that she wasn’t wearing any panties.”


“So I pulled over and she lets me look up her skirt. We started making out pretty heavy after while. So finally she takes off her dress and bra, I undress and we both climb in the back seat of my car.”

The Boss took one of Jack’s hands and placed it to his manhood, but she didn’t remove her hand, she wanted to help him masturbate, at least for a little while.

“How did your first time feel Jack?”

“So very good.” He said breathlessly. “I remember when I first entered her… It was so warm and moist inside of her. I thought I was going to go insane.”

The Boss let go of his hand, but Jack didn’t even notice. He was so into the story that it didn’t even occur to him that The Boss was no longer guiding his hand.

“So I take it she was quite good then?” The Boss said as she watched him masturbate from behind.

“She was.” He said beginning to pant wildly. “Her plump breasts bounced as I drove into her… And her eyes… When they looked up at me… They were the most beautiful blue you had ever seen.”

“Really?” The Boss questioned suspiciously.

“Yes.” He answered softly. “Just like the color of the tropical sea.”

The Boss knew that he was no longer thinking of his former girlfriend, but his mind was now drifting to thoughts of her. But before she could pull any more information out of him, his body began to convulse and she knew he was reaching orgasm. Finally, Jack closed his blue eyes and groaned as his lust exploded from his body. The Boss smiled, this was one hurdle he crossed, but there was still a lot of work to be done on him.

“Come Jack.” She said sweetly. “Lie down with me.”

Jack was spent, he barely had the energy to make the two step walk over to the bed, but he did it. The Boss lay down on the soft mattress and Jack lay on top of her. He hated to admit it, but it felt good to be nestled up against her breast. Plus she smelled like honeysuckle, it was one of his favorite smells. Secretly it was one of the things that really made Jack like her.

The Boss took one arm and wrapped it across Jack’s back and with her other arm, she gently stroked and caressed his dark brown hair. She could feel his arms start to drop to her sides. He wanted to hold her, but he was reluctant, she didn’t want to force his affections, so she just continued to stroke his hair. After a short while, Jack began to relax and he gently held The Boss, which instantly brought a smile to her face.

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