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The Fabulous One Cometh

Today is the day I've been just waiting for with bated breath... The day when the Fabulous one is coming with his wonderful news about his spectacular way.

*Rolls eyes*

Is it too much to ask to just come to work and actually do my job without having to jump through a damn hoop?! I guess so. Ah the life of a lap dog... What am I talking about?! Lap dogs don't do tricks, they just sit on someone's lap. Y'all got me doing tricks. Oh cause we have to sing to the Fabulous one today... Yeah... Oooooh God.

Ah well. At least I'm going to get something out of this; i.e. a cheap laugh. I'll be breaking in my new digi-cami today and pictures will be posted here for all to snicker and laugh at. So far I took a picture of my desk and me wearing this red shirt of death.

This shirt is mess. Mine is a super mess cause I left it in my desk all week. I figured they can make me wear this shirt at work but they can't make me wear it too work. I have a normal shirt on underneath this. And once the Fabulous one is done in my office I'll be taking this red shirt of death off. Then when I get home I'll burn it in ethagy and watch the ghosts rise out of it.

Oh well... There will be more on this subject later and of course there will be pictures. Look for it in a future diary entry!

Woo-hoo: Well at least I'm getting a free lunch of out it so it's not so bad.

Barf: But his visit is just annoying... The hoops that I have to jump though for a pay check?!

Current Song: Show Wesugi's Lorelei


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Feb. 6th, 2006 05:42 pm (UTC)
*LOL* I can't wait to see this red shirt you want to burn up.
Feb. 7th, 2006 01:06 pm (UTC)
Oh God... I was looking at those pictures last night. Trying to figure out how I could post them. They are gigantic and my usual photo editor isn't working to well with my new digi-cami. But when I figure it out, I'll most definitely post them.

Ironically enough, the shirt didn't look to bad in the photo.
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