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I don't want to work today

If ever there was a day to call out and run crazy though the house, it's today. My concentration is at an all time low. I'm thinking about everything but this mundane claptrap that I get paid to think about.

Mostly my mind is on my newest two lolita dresses I want to start working on, "Shortcake" and "Bridal Sweet". "Bridal Sweet" is a wedding dress type lolita dress. I have a general idea how I want it to look but I don't have a good enough design for it yet. "Shortcake" is a white broadcloth dress, with red ribbon adoring the puffy short sleeves, criss-cross part on the neckline, and at the bottom of the dress. I think for some extra-added kawaii-ness I'm going to slap some white eyelet lace somewhere.

I have the design for that finished. I did it this morning and I'm mega gung-ho on working on it, but alas, I'm broke as hell. Because of a problem with my dental insurance, I have to pay an additional $289 dollars for that damn dental surgery last month. All three of my student loans pulled out their cash yesterday and I'm not getting paid my full amount because I took the hit and didn't use my PTO as a favor to Diane.

Oh I do all these good things for this stupid office and do I ever get rewarded for it? No. I just get grief and talked about behind my back by a pack of harpies. Oh well, maybe one day karma will favor me for the good things that I do. I just wish it would hurry the heck up.

Oh and this just compounds my pleasure today. Apparently the data processing system we use here in the company (created by the Fabulous One himself) has some kind of system malfunction, so sometime today Bears (that's the name of the system, which is an anachronism for something, I'll tell you what it is later) will be going down for an indeterminate amount of time.

Can I PLEASE go home?! 95% of my job is based on my ability to navigate though Bears.

*Bangs head on desk!*

Why?! Why can't I be home today. Why didn't I win the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes last night. You Bastards! Whhhhhhhy?!?!?!?

*Collapses dead onto mound of paperwork*

Okay I'm done whining... Let me get back to... *Sighs in disgust* Work...

Woo-hoo: Well at least it's noon. The day is half over.

Barf: WAH!!! I wanna go home!

Current Song: Masami's Matta Ashita ending theme song to the Maho Tsuki Tai OVA


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Mar. 2nd, 2006 12:09 am (UTC)
Oh I do all these good things for this stupid office and do I ever get rewarded for it? No.

That seems to be a common problem in offices, doesn't it? Well, I shouldn't say that. We are often told of how much we're appreciated. But I would really feel appreciated if we were rewarded with bonuses and stuff.
Mar. 3rd, 2006 02:05 pm (UTC)
Yeah. I mean it's nice to hear everyone once in awhile, "good job" or "well done". I'll even take a British "Good show old chap!". However, I would really love it if you told me all these things in cold hard cash.

If you can't find the words then say it in $20's.
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