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So let's start over...

It's a new week and I'm going by a new set of rules. The first is, I'm collecting all the time sheets in the office that come in over the fax and I'll be checking them to make sure that people have sent in their paperwork. Anything that I don't have I will be highlighting in blue. Anything I do have will be marked off with a blue check as always. If something is missing, I will alert the nurse as well as Diane. All notes will be held until the end of the day and placed in my desk overnight. When I arrive Tuesday morning I will dump them off in medical records while none of them are around.

Also, this is the end of the road for this silly shit. If I ever have a day like Friday, where I'm crying hysterically and it's not my fault, I don't give a crap about loyalty, I WILL quit! I don't need a check that bad that I have to put up with that kind of treatment from tacky classless women.

Besides it would be far better for me to go to school fulltime and work part-time then the other way around. I have had enough of this crap and really I deserve far better. So that's my statement, I'm saying it for the entire world to read because I've had it. I don't need money that bad that I deserve to be treated this shabbily. Now on to happier news.

On Saturday J'aime and I went to get Moe-chan's wedding dress. After going up to Franklin Kills mall, which is a ghetto paradise and I vow never to go to Franklin Kills ever again! But after being disgusted with Franklin Mills we went to David's Bridal on Roosevelt Blvd. Which that was a fiasco as well. Really we should have gone to the David's Bridal up in Plymouth Meeting. I'm sure there wouldn't have been as much claptrap. Northwestern suburbs are better in that regard.

But she got her dress and she looks so lovely in it. It's red and white. The red is at the top of the bodice and the laces in the back of the dress are red too. The whole of the dress itself is white, but it is very lovely. It's the dress she wanted and I'm very happy she got it.

And can I just tell you how much men make me sick. She paid a small fortune for that dress and with that the groom gets a FREE tux rental. FREE?! Oh men just have no idea how lucky they are. But the wedding plans are coming a long good and I think now that she has her dress she's starting to get into it more. I'm so excited for her!

Now on to my hyper-obsession. With my internet being down I had plenty of time to sit and play Metal Gear this weekend. I played the original Metal Gear all weekend. I rescued Gray Fox, I have a 3 star ranking now, which shocks me because I love to shoot hostages. But I haven't killed any of the hostages. I've gone through at least three boss battles, but I'm stuck cause I can't find the bomb blast suit. I have to find out where it is or I can't proceed.

Oh I tried to play Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake, but that was so boring. I didn't really play it for long. I played the new parts of the Snake vs. Monkey games, which the one where you're in the Shagohod hanger is really hard. And why didn't anyone tell me that that gigantic Monkeyhod (or whatever it's called) sounds an alert if you cross in front of it?!

But it was fun. I'm really pleased with Subsistence. It was worth the money I spent on it.

Woo-hoo: I'm feeling good today. Let's put the new rules into affect!

Barf: Nanimonai

Current Music: Harry Gregson-Williams' Ocelot Youth ~Confrontation~ battle music from Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
Tags: metal gear solid series, mgs3, petty annoyances, really?!, video games, work rant

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