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Preach on Langston Hughes

Here I sit with my shoes mismated. Lord-a-mercy! I's frustrated!

That pretty much sums up my last 15 or so hours. As I should have expected, I couldn't get my phone jack fixed last night. The woman calls me at about 6:15 and tells me that they can't get anyone to come out at 7:30 and that the appointment will have to be rescheduled for today at 6:30. Right....

I swear... I know I shouldn't be such a spoiled brat, but really if my mother hadn't broke my jack to start with I wouldn't have to go through this right now. Then yesterday when I told her what was wrong with me, she said, "Well you're taking all your frustrations out on me for no reason." I said no, I'm mad because this is a needless expense. If she hadn't have gone into my room and touch something that wasn't hers I wouldn't be sitting here whining to you guys.

But, and this is the cake topper right here, later on my mother has the nerve to tell me, "Well you've cost me a lot more money." Huh pardon?! You're my mother and I'm your child of course you're going to pay out more money in the long run, because you're a good mother and want to make sure my needs are taken care of. But it's not about the money. It's the fact that while I wasn't living at home, you went into my room, didn't ask me if it was okay knowing that I paid $80 to have the line installed from the door; you just went in there, broke my phone jack, and tell me about it after the fact expecting me to be okay about it! She knew what she did was wrong that's why she told me about it after the fact and didn't ask my permission. Living at home or not, she still didn't have the right. Truthfully she should be paying to have the jack fixed, not me.

So I've been kinda pissed with her ever since last night. I think I'm going to have to tell her once I get everything done and settled, because what she said to me was bull! And what she did was wrong. And I know I can be a whiney nag when I'm frustrated like this, but seriously, saying things like, "You've cost me more money" doesn't help your plight.

Another thing that has me so frustrated, work! Now I know I said I wouldn't discuss work on the work server and computer but look damn it, I've had enough! I don't ask for anything. Every once in a while I'll take a sick day. I've never taken more then 3 days off at time except for that time when I had my wisdom teeth removed and I was out a whole week. And even then I didn't get paid for that week, I choose to take the hit. But anyway, I'm always here early and have never been late. I do everything, EVERYTHING asked of me without complaint and I do WAY more then my fair share. So I ask for one day off to do something important to me and I get, "Well can't you schedule it for the weekend or after work?"

Hi.... Don't you think that if I could do that I WOULD FUCKING DO IT?!?!?!? It's for the sheer fact that y'all force people to work 8:30 to 5:00 and don't let anyone have a half-day or something unless it's a dire emergency! Most places close at 5 you jackasses! And most electricians don't work on weekends unless it's an industrial type job where they're going to be getting paid the big bucks. Not a little rinky-dink phone jack hook-up that should take, honestly no more then 10 minutes if that.

Oh you have no idea how much them not letting me have one, ONE day off has pissed me off. I think it's because of that I'm more then ready to quit my job. Besides there has been talk that the office isn't making money and may close down. So what the hell would I want to stay here for?!

Well, I know one thing, the next time that I have something I need to do, I'm not going to ask for the day off, I'm going to use one of my sick days. And I have about 6 days of vacation saved up, I'll use one of those too if I have to, or just do what I sometimes do, take the hit. But this job has finally got me to the breaking point and it's time to leave. I've had enough of the whiney ghetto women and the mundane bull this work has to offer. It's time to leave.

Oy! Getting that off my chest feels good. I think I just needed a nice healthy rant. I hadn't been this bitey in awhile. But all these things just has my blood boiling. I know I can be a bit of a whiney brat and I apologize, but grrrrrr... I can't stand it when annoying things happen. Especially when this could have all be avoided from the door.

Woo-hoo: Hopefully today I will get this stupid phone jack fixed. If not, screw it, I'm taking the day off tomorrow and they can fire me if they want, but I've had enough.

Barf: See above entry

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