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Aa-Chan Rocks Out

Tonight I'm going to my very first rock concert. Marueen is taking me to see A Perfect Circle tonight and I'm really looking forward to it. Marueen is concerned that I'll not like it or be bored, but I don't think that will be the case. J'aime was nice enough to let me hear some of their songs, since I told her I was going awhile ago. So I heard their stuff and I could sit and listen to them
for awhile. Or should I say stand and listen to them cause she got tickets up in the pit, so we'll be standing and listening to them.

I'm really really excited about tonight. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. And it's about time I went to other kinds of concerts other then classical music ones. See, all my life, I've been to Symphonies and Operas, keepin' it real with the classics; but, I've never been to a regular music concert, unless you count that Psydoll concert at Anime Mid-Atlantic. But that doesn't count since I only stayed for one song.

So I'll be up front, staring Menard Keenen in the face. What kind of name is Menard anyway? Dude, you had to become a rocker, either that or some scientist of some
sort with a name like Menard. Eh, anyway...


I have to wash my hair this morning, cause I don't want to go to this concert looking like a complete skank. What I'm wearing is probably my Ralph Wiggum shirt with either a skirt or a pair of jeans, I haven't decided yet. I'll see what I'm in the mood for by the time I get dressed this evening. Marueen said she was going to pick me up at around 6 or so, so I have plenty of time to decide, it's only 10:25 now.

So last night I got a call from Kristin. And didn't I tell you that she had lied to me about her grandmother. Well not lied, just more like probably a half truth. She
said she and Marueen were trying to call me Saturday afternoon, which means she wasn't with her grandmother, she was with Marueen. I swear to God... You know
something, I'm not even going to get into it again. But here's another thing I vow, I'm not doing anything she suggests anymore.

Why should I bend over backwards to do the things she wants? I asked her to do two little cosplay events, and it wasn't even manditory cosplay either, you had to option to either dress up or not for both the picnic and the film festival. But that's okay. I'm not even going to get mad about it, I'm just going to file it under things that Kristin does that pisses me off.

And whilest on the subject of being pissed off, there's a topic that I've been avoiding for a very long time now. Yesterday, just to compound my pleaure, I got a rather large envelope from my dear ex Frank. I had left some music and my al.ni.co, DDR, and Zetsuai cd's at the house. And while I am very greatful he returned that
stuff to me, which quite honestly he didn't have to do. But, he could have simply just mailed the stuff without the smart ass comment.

Look, let's have it out once and for all. Yes, I am pissed of with him. I took awhile for me to get mad and now that I am mad, I'll be mad forever. And how I got
this was because one of the last times I had heard from him he was still doing the same shit he was doing right before it ended. Blaming me for everything. Look I was doing exactly what I was suppposed to be doing as a 26 year woman. I was going to school and working. And now because of his shit I'm not doing either.

Then another thing that pisses me off. I never once got an apology from him. Not for the false accusation of cheating. Not for calling the cops on me and my mother. Not for messing up my bondage.com account. Not for going though my personal e-mail. And my mother in the end treated him with nothing but respect and what was I greeted with by his sister, oh just cursed out. Did I get an apology for that? Hell no.

I'm still the blame for everything. And that's fine. I don't care anymore. That's why I stopped talking to him. That's why when I get an e-mail or an instant message from him, it just gets deleated instantly. And it's precisely why I don't miss him.

Why should I feel gulity or apologize for shit I didn't do. And why should I always be the blame for shit I didn't do or cause?

But at least I'm done with that now. I am happily dating. I have my friends. I go out on occasions. I do whatever I want to do or don't want to do. Which is the
way a 26 year old who has no children or husband should live. I gave myself one month reprieve from dating back in February and I'm giving myself a one year reprieve for entering into an exclusive committed relationship. That way I can mellow out and happily play the field. And when I tire of that, I'll see if I can't find my red string of fate. I know he's still out there somewhere and I know
when I do find him, I won't be looking for him. He'll just come out of the woodwork.

Woo-hoo: Wai going to my first rock concert tonight! Oh I can't wait, this is going to be great!

Barf: Why are people so bent on making me wanna kill.

Current Song: al.ni.co's Tough Luck
Tags: ex nightmare, f-in' kristin

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