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The fabulous return of Fabulous the 2nd...

I forgot to mention this earlier, so I'm going to mention it now...  Let's journey back to about two months ago during the first arrival of Fabulous the 2nd.  So it would appear that Fabulous the 2nd is going to make his grandios second apparence tomorrow with another "consultaning firm" (I guess the first consulting firm didn't make the recommendations they wanted).

Oh-hum, more petty annoyances on, yet again, my heaviest of paperwork days.  And with me being off this Thursday and Friday I have to make sure everything is done faster then normal (which also means 3 10 hour days this week oh joy) so I don't have time for these dumb-ass games from headquarters.  Damn if you're going to close the office stop screwing around and just close it already.  I'm a big girl, I can take loosing a (crappy) job.

But anyway, again no meebo tomorrow and again I won't be able to check or respond to my e-mail as often since I'll have assholes from headquarters and some stupid consulting firm breathing down my back, and this, again, is going to suck!

Woo-hoo:  Well, at least I have a four day weekend coming my way!

Barf:  Ugh, again dealing with Fabulous the 2nd on a damn Monday.  I wish you idiots would come on a less stressful day!


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