November 15th, 2012


How stupid can you seriously be?!

What is this 1860?!  Secessionist talk is rearing it's ugly head again, really?!  Didn't you all try this before and didn't it not work?!  You would think you would have learned from that, but noooo?!  We wanna cry, whine, and act like a pack of petulant teenagers who runaway from home because Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let them take the Mercedes for a drive, and for what?!  Because Obama is still the president?!  It's call build a bridge and get over it!  I don't get how people think the next four years are going to vastly differ from the previous four.  It will be the same stupid crap different date on the calendar.

And for all of these people talking trash, let something happen to their precious states and guess who they will be first to blame if things don't happen fast enough, that's right! 

So here's what you stupid ass secessionist want to do:

Step 1: Sit down (preferably on a toilet, but a chair with an open seat will work just as well)

Step 2: Clench your bowels really tightly so you can expel your head (You may need to do this step a few times)

Step 3: When your head has been thoroughly expelled wipe your head down with a baby wipe

Step 4:  Take a deep breath in and slowly exhale...  After having your head shoved so far up your backside, the cool fresh air will do you some good.

That should feel a lot better.

And by the way secession isn't some "manly" or even a "revolutionary" idea.  You know what it makes someone who runs away because they couldn't get what they wanted, Texas and the other states who are in on this too (and Florida you need to really STFU cause you don't have two nickles to rub together at this point)?  It makes you a big fat, lily livered, yellow bellyed CHICKEN!  For all of you all's talk of "God Bless the USA" and "I love America", you're really quick to dump the USA off to the side when you don't get what you want and I'm sorry that is true whiny two year old girl talk right there. 

Actually, to call a spade a spade, that kind of talk is actually very Marxist, because Karl Marx and Valdimr Lenin used to talk a lot about revolution too, but God forbid I call people out on their stuff, though.