May 12th, 2013

Anime Wesker

You would think I would learn...

But no!

Yesterday, I broke the old PS3 out and downloaded a few more demos.  One game reminded me (Picture wise) of Silhouette Mirage, but it wasn't anything like Silhouette Mirage and I ended up deleting it.  Then I got some other game, which I don't remember the name of and I ended up deleting that one too after about 10 minutes of gameplay.  Then I downloaded the newest Suda51 game and I was all excited about until it just went a bridge too far sorta like how Shadow of the Damned went a bridge too far.

I forget the name of this game, but it reminded me of those paper play parts on Shadow of the Damned.  You're playing as some knight who is looking for the lost princess, which doesn't seem like a really creepy plot, but he somehow managed to make it a little on the creepy tip.  I got through the entire demo, but the whole way through my skin was crawling and it's not like there was anything outwardly freaky it just was a little on that creepy weird side.

Here's an example, during the level up scenes.  There is this circular multicolored thing with all these lips on it that comes down and sells you your level ups.  It's really freaky and weird.  As you play you have to kill these weird heads and all this blood shoots out of them...  The whole thing is just really creepy and really really weird and I really deleted it when the demo was over, because it was just too odd for my tastes.

When I watched Shadow of the Damned that time, I thought that game was a deranged combination of Suda51 and Shinji's wild imagination, but no.  Apparently Shinji was the voice of reason and was probably the one reining Suda51 in.

Well, that pretty much does it for me and Suda51 games.  I think his ideas and concepts are a little too creepy for me.

Why oh why did I come to this party late?!

Why didn't someone tell me about Groupon?!  Y'all could have slid me a note or something, but NOOOOO!  Let's keep Aa-chan from all the fancy deals and keep them all for ourselves.  I know the games that you play and that's ok.  I now have a Groupon account and I plan to partake in all the many wonderful deal hidden within.

Actually, I would love to partake in a portrait deal, because I've been wanting to have professional pictures done.  Actually actually, I would love to have Bridal Portraits done.  For those of you who don't know, a bridal portrait is a southern tradition where a bride takes professional non-wedding day pictures in her wedding dress.  I would have to bring my wedding dress down from Philly, which may not go well with Mom, but it would be worth it to take bridal portraits.  However, since I don't see that happening any time soon, I would settle for some really pretty Lolita portraits too.

But oh yeah, I am in love with Groupon and I am sooooo very sorry I got to it late, but in this case late is truly better than never.

P.S. I just saw a deal that if I had the $2G's for it, I would totally do it.  But it was a deal for an 11 night trip to China with airfare, hotel, and food included.