December 6th, 2013

Bear Tea

Oooh gingerbread world

Apparently Disney World is doing something called the Gingerbread Wonderland.  I love looking at gingerbread house or even gingerbread towns.  I don't know why,especially since I don't like to eat gingerbread (it's too bitter and reminds me of gingersnaps), but they just intrigue me.  Maybe when I get back, I know that's a weekend we don't have the kids, maybe we can go to Epcot to see it.
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Oh and while I'm on a holiday topic...

Some one answer me this question...  Why are all modern holiday songs over sung?  I don't mean just a little over sung, I mean hyper mega over sung.  The kind of over sung where the song is so butchered that they're serving at a buffet carving table.

For example, when Jose and I were at lunch today, they were playing Christmas songs, which is acceptable.  But this girl had sung that Merry Christmas song so badly that I swore her head was going to explode and they were going to serve sushi on it.  Ugh...  And it wouldn't been so God awful if they hadn't play the same song twice before, including the original version, before that hammed over tripe!

I can't stand when people try so hard and suck so bad to sing a song and Christmas songs as pretty sappy as it is, but then to over sing them is just like stick two sharp flaming knives into my ears to make the horribleness stop!