February 5th, 2015


All shades of wrong...

Uh...  This morning’s entry has to deal with parts of human sexuality that some may find either uncomfortable or just plain old too much information-esque, in either case, if you are uncomfortable with sex, sexuality, or BDSM you might want to abandon entry right now.  But if you don't mind, then I don’t mind either.

Are you gone???  No.  I can hang out for a bit longer...

*Hums a tune*

*Files nails*....


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Anime Wesker

Oh an important addendum to my previous entry...

I can't believe I forgot the two MOST IMPORTANT parts of all of that...  Consent! And the idea that BDSM is abuse.

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In any case, I'm not going to go see this mess, but I feel it needed to be stated.  Here are some of the best links I saw about the truth of 50 Shades:

50 Shades Chapter by Chapter Analysis (Best breakdown EVER!!!)

6 BDSM Myths Perpetuated by 50 Shades (Thank you!)

So know before you go and do what I love to do when I go to the movies.  Complain and poke holes in everything!

Edit- And let the record show that this movie/ book incenses me as a proud member of the BDSM community and as a fanfiction author!  Even if it is just glorified Twilight fanfiction.