April 27th, 2015

Anime Wesker

Over the Hillz...

Yeah I heard, that Silent Hillz is no longer a thing, but unlike everyone else on the planet, I'm not disappointed or sad.  That's not to say that I'm happy either.  It's just one those "Oh well!" deals for me.

So in case you don't feel like getting into it here's the gist of what happened, the dude that was supposed to be the other director (apart from Blojima) for Sillent Hillz was giving a panel at a convention and someone asked what was going on with Silent Hills, and he said pretty much point blank, "Yeah, it ain't gonna happen".  Then to add fuel to the raging fire, Konami said they were pulling the playable trailer thing from PS4's network, by Wednesday.  Well, damn!   At this point I can only assume Konami is really trying to push Blojima out the door once MGS5 bearly alive is done.

Side note:  I am very curious as to what happened and why their (Konami and Kojima) relationship, went to south so quickly?  I mean they seemed like they were in a good marriage and I'm nearly positive that for a time Kojima was VP of Konami Japan, so what the hell happened for all this hullabaloo to go down?!  And alas it is a story we'll never know, but is kinda familiar.  This seemed like this happened to sweet Shinji too.  But the Shinji thing was a bit different.  They pushed him over to Clover Studios and then after two years or something promptly closed Clover down, which is a super dick move!  But karmically speaking, Crapcom has paid for that super dick move multiple times since then!

But anyway, everyone is all sad about this, meanwhile I am neither one way or the other.  And according to an article I read, Konami said there is a chance for a new Silent Hill title later on down the road, it's just that Hillz is scrapped.  Eh, I'm still ambivalent!  It's not like Silent Hill as a whole has been doing great things lately.  Yeah the last one wasn't terrible, but it just hasn't been as good as some of their earlier entries...

...And those Truck Dude stories can go to hell!
Anime Wesker

And now The Consequence!

Yeah, I wanted to talk about this when I saw it last week, but being away and not really having super great internet access.  In fact when I originally watched The Consquence, I watched the entire game on my phone in the living room, because that was where I was able to get the best internet access.  And it wasn't easy sitting there watching this game on a phone for about two hours, but ultimately it was very much worth it, because it was great!

Now, before I continue, you all know the routine- this is going to have spoilers and a lot of conjecture!  So if you don't want to hear about it, it's time to click somewhere else on the internet.  In fact, here's an amusing cat video you may enjoy!  Everyone loves cat videos, right?  But for the rest of you, let's get into it shall we.

Oh and this will be in two parts, so here's part one!

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I'm going to break here, because I need to get some stuff done really quickly. I'll have part 2 up in a jiffy.