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May 5th, 2019

Oh my God...  I think it took a year (possibly 2), but The Relationship is finished!  Well, it took far less time to finish this than it did Love's Sorrow.  Ah well...  No time for reflection for my first magnum opus.  This particular Author's Notes is going to be pretty lengthy, so let's get started.  Oh, later on in the entry, I'll start referring to the stories as WC (Wesker's Conquest) and TR (The Relationship), just a heads up for ya.

Edit: Apparently I've been talking about rewriting Wesker's Conquest since June of 2013!  Well damn!

Edit 2:  Yeah it’s late and I still have to post the finished product to fanfiction.net…  So this is going to be a musing done in 2 parts.

Musings on The RelationshipCollapse )

Well, I'm going to stop here for now.  I still have to post the end of the story up on ff.net.  I wanted to get this up before bedtime.  I'll try to get the rest up tomorrow after I've rested for a bit.  I've actually have been gone all weekend, but I never once stopped thinking about this story.  I was determined to get it completed before I left for NYC and it appears that I have done that very thing!

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