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So... Guess who's on probation?

Well if you can even call it that, which is total bull shit anyway, Joann only did it because she has a gigantic bug up her ass about me taking so much time off anyway.

I know you all are like "huh?" at this point so I'll give you the condensed version of this story.

Yesterday I come back from my Magfest vacation (or whatever) and I get this condescending voicemail from my boss Joann saying basically hi Adrienne I hope you had a good time off but the reports are a mess and have been for quite sometime now.  I want to see you in my office tomorrow.  I wanted to meet up yesterday just the get the shit over with, but she waited until today and I met with her and my supervisor Diane.

From there what happened was she asked me the question was I still happy with my job and I told her in no uncertain terms no I wasn't happy with my job (a fact that I'm sure you all well know by this point in time).  But I also told her that my unhappiness has nothing to do with my abilities to do my job.  Then she said, "well you've been sulking around here for 2 days since I left that voicemail."  Hell yeah I've been sulking around!

Before I left you were all bitchy about me taking off so much in January, you never once confronted me about, I hear it second hand through Diane (in addition to that claptrap about only being able to take off 1 Monday per-month).  And in your bitchy-ness you call yourself going through one of my reports, only to do it half assed and not put the research into it before calling the nurses or taking any of the steps that I take to go through the report.  Grant it some of the things on there were legitimate, but most of them were bull-plop!  But whatever...

But basically I told her the reason why everything (appears) to be so backed up is because I'm doing way too much.  I'm answering the phones cause those assholes in medical records sometimes will not get off their asses and answer the phone, then I have to give nurses patient id numbers, I have to make sure all the paperwork is in the back, and make sure they don't take too much of it all that while trying to do my regular job.  Let's throw the crap on the table here, by multitasking something ultimately means something isn't going to get finished.  Point blank end of story!

So at the end of this lovely two and a half hour long conversation I was placed on a 3 week probationary period were basically I have to decide if I want to keep this crappy job or just wrap it up.  While I would be happy to part ways with this job, I would like to wait until after Katsucon (which I will not be asking for time off, I'll just be mysteriously sick during those couple of days).  Plus, I have this thing where I have to keep my record of quitting jobs.  Every last job I have left and I will not be fired from a job, especially one as bull crappy as this one.  What I have decided to do is to make it seem like everything is back to normal, bide my time, save some money, and then BAM!  Two weeks notice bitches!

So I'm not worried about this nor am I concerned about it.  It just pisses me off that I come in, do the right thing, and the second I get a tiny bit off kilter, "Oh we're going to put you on probation!"  I'm sure if I had said that I still liked my job she wouldn't have even put me on probation to start with, but whatever.  I'll go through the motions, but I will be leaving and I will be leaving this year!  I do believe this was the last absolutely final straw with Bayada!

Woo-hoo:  Nanimonai

Barf:  I wear to God, if I was a more bold person I would have been like that guy that quit his job to go to Magfest.  Brendan is right, Jobs do suck!
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