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The seriously fucked up thing that happened at work....

Okay, this week for me at work was good.  I told you guys on Monday that I was going to pretend that everything was peachy, in the meanwhile I was going to try to look for my out and it seems like I'm going to have to speed up the process of my getting out, cause something seriously fucked up just took place this week.

On Thursday, of my co-workers Linda who had been there for 9 years was just fired.  Grant it, she and I sometimes had our problems.  Like the time she straight out yelled at me for no reason, but you know what...  The reason she was fired was pure bullshit.  Pretty much she was fired because she was too much of an independent thinker (reminds me of The Simpsons with the "Independent Thought Alarm" and Principal Skinner was like "The children are overstimulated, take out all the colored chalk".).  That is a really bullshit reason to fire someone.

And before you all go how do I know, because Linda pretty much told me when we talked yesterday for a little bit...  How can you just up and fire someone who had been working there for nearly 10 years with a bullshit excuse like that.  And the thing is it was all my boss Joann's doing cause Diane (who hasn't confided in me since that cow Annette came in) was telling me about this weird dream she had involving bats and her thinking it meant something bad was going to happen to her.  I told her dreams rarely predict the future, they're subconscious manifestations of issues that affect your conscious mind, but for some reason or another you're not dealing with that issue.  Trust me I know all about that.  Hello, anytime I have a zombie dream, its usually 9 times out of 10 because I'm having a really fucked up time at work.

But apart from her weird dream Diane said to me, "Everyone is calling and getting mad at me like I fired her."  And I said to Diane, "I know it wasn't you cause you stick up for your people." (Something that Joann would never in a million years do for her people) and she said back to me, "I begged Joann for a 30 day reprieve."

I don't blame Diane for any of this.  I blame Joann and trust me, karma is going to seriously bite her in the ass for shit like this.  You can't just do mean things to people and expect the universe to sit there and go, "Oh that's okay..."  No, karma is a bitch and the universe will make you pay for any wrongdoings.  And it won't be all at once, it will be over time...

As for myself, I don't have time to wait for the universe to bite her on the ass.  I have to hurry the hell up and get out of dodge.  Linda's gone, Mary the receptionist is gone as of last October (which come to find out she wasn't let go of because of money, she was fired because she yelled at one of the directors in The Fabulous One's inner circle of directors and had to go), and then Mary Daye, the only normal human in Medical Records, is leaving next Friday...  And with all the problems I've been having with Annette (and Joann trying to say that I didn't like Annette, which now, I am very glad I did correct her cause I'm sure she would have tried to use that as a proxy to fire me) I'm going to need to get the hell out before she tries to pull the rug out from under me.

I have to be the one to leave there and I want to to come as a complete surprise.  But I have to be on my toes and watch my back.  But the time for getting out is now.  No more screwing around for now.  I have to leave that place cause now its getting scary.  If you can just out and fire someone for being independent that's a problem.
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