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The next to the last word on work

So, we're coming to the end of a near three year job at the worst place I've ever worked and will hopefully ever work.  Yesterday I had my probably my last meeting with Joann and pretty much she blamed me for everything that went wrong this week.  Saying I wasn't following up, that I left things to chance, that I didn't report things to Annette and then she tried to have me put my head in a noose and get me to quit before she fires me, because I know now, she does fully intend to fire me.

What happened is she made me sign some bullshit "quality improvement" notice saying that if in 21 days I don't improve my job performance, then we'll "part ways".  Rolls eyes...  So basically I have to move up my quitting day from October 17th (ending October 31st) to submitting my letter of resignation on October 8th and quitting officially October 17th.  Little does she know yet, I still have 10 vacation days left (11 after the end of this month), so I'll have to be paid for two full weeks  after I leave.

Oh I am so angry at this place for putting me through all this useless bullshit.  I am responsible and the blame for everything and when I told Joann that she said no I'm not.  And pretty much I am.  I told her I was responsible for everything, which is that fucking paperwork is everything then she turns around and says, I'm not responsible for everything, but hi, that paperwork is everything.  But that's neither here nor there at this point.  I'll play this last stupid game with them.  And then October 8th, while they're thinking everything is peachy, WHAM!!!  Here's my letter of resignation bitches!  Fuck you, Fuck your fucking paperwork, fuck having the state come in and kiss my natural black ass.  I never have to step foot in this ass farm ever again after mid-October.

And the thing is, when I told several of the physical therapists and a couple of the nurses, they were upset about my decision, but they could understand why I was leaving.  They know that I protect them and they know I stand up for them and they'll probably never have that ever again.  And then I feel bad for Elsa the office administrative assistant.  She won't have me to help her with payroll anymore and those jokers in medical records will have to really do a ton more work cause I'm not going to be there to pick up the slack.  But if Joann made me sign some bullshit contract, which I think is what they did with Linda before they fired her, then I know they're going to do the same shit with me and I have to beat them to the punch.  And even if the intention isn't to fire me and everything will go back to being peachy say after the 21 days would be over, it wouldn't matter cause everything would inevitably revert back to everything being my fault some kind of way.

I am scared of not having a job or being able to get a job for a long time after this, but I have money in the bank.  I have emergency money tucked way and those idiots will have to pay me for two weeks after I quit.  And if worse came to absolute worse I could sell some EGL things and a few costumes and thing to augment some costs until I do find another job.  But the line in the sand has been drawn and I'm out of there, no bullshit this time.  I don't belong there and I've never belonged there.  That job is boring, mundane, and very much beneath my talents and intelligence.  Yes having no job for a little bit is going to suck, but it beats the alternative of being fired for shit that isn't my fault.  I have been sending out resume to everywhere possible and yes it is a mad dash to try to get something lined up before I leave which sucks, but it is what it is.

Edit:  Okay, I just finished unlocking every last work post I ever did (both phone and written).  Man, there are quite a few of them, I don't know how you guys put up with them for nearly two and a half years.  But yeah, they're all now for public record and scrutiny and if they help someone out there looking for a job NOT to walk into that place, because really, it's a terrible place to work and you'll never get anything accomplished.  Your hopes and dreams will slowly fall by the wayside and then you'll be suck in a position that sucks with no way out until they take you out.  I'll make sure to give a warning on Deranged Fangirl Live too.  No matter how hard life gets.  No matter how desperate for a job you may be you DO NOT want to work in the Philadelphia Visit office!
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