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Now the fireworks really begin

I want to thank everyone for responding to the last post.  Thank you all for the well wishes they really mean a lot to me and I'm happy you all care.  I know since I've been working here there have been countless work rants, which I've made you guys suffer though.  I do thank you all for being so supportive.

I know you all are probably wondering what happened after I left my letter?  Well nothing happened.  I didn't realize that Joann would be out of the office for the next three days after I put it on her chair, but she's slated to come back today so today is the big day so to speak.  It's strange, I am sort of scared, but otherwise, I don't feel anything.  I was told by several people that if your pressure Joann she backs down, but this isn't about anything other then breaking my ties with this place.  I don't want anything you have to offer and I don't want to stay here anymore.

I think one of my co-workers who knows I'm leaving asked me what could she offer me to stay and there is only one bribe that I could be given (it's the same one I said that I always wanted) and it's an annual all expense paid trip to Tokyo Game Show.  Since I know that's not happening nor will it ever happen in a zillion million years, there is nothing that could be offered to me.  I think the question after that was if she asked me to stay until the end of the year would I and I guess I would, just to stock pile money, but I think my obsession with money is what's gotten me into this predicament to start with...  So I don't know...  She may just accept my letter which would mean next Friday is my last day...  Who knows what will happen today either way, I'm fully prepared for it.  I'll keep everyone posted...

Edit:  It begins...  Apparently Joann came in late last night which means she probably got my letter and has been stewing on it all night.  Now Annette and Chellie are down in her office, no doubt trying to figure out how to operate in my absence...  This is so lame it comical.  But at the same time, its not surprising either.  Chances are she's going to make me leave today, which is fine.  Sigh...  Morons I swear!
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