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Bye Bye Bayada

I had a very nice last day of work.  My, now former, boss Joann wasn't in the office Friday, which was good cause she was acting really weird to me the entire week an a half after I quit (God forbid she actually gave me an exit interview which is what she was supposed to do!).  The paperwork was extremely light considering.  Everyone was really very nice to me (I got more calls today then I'd ever gotten, and they were all to wish me well and tell me what a joy it was to work with me; this was of course from the nurses and therapists and such.  I did get a "good luck" voicemail from Joann.  Lord forbid she actually made an attempt to talk to me outside of dictating voicemail messages about cleaning out my desk and whatnot....

You know what?  For a woman who pretty much keeps her entire office staff in mortal fear of her, she certainly was a big old chicken when it came down to my leaving.  She was supposed to talk to me face-to-face when I left my letter of resignation and the most she could have done was at least try to give a damn about my leaving.  She was just a coward after all.  That's actually really sad when I think about it.

Anyway, another nice thing that happened Friday was Michelle the physical therapist and Christine the occupational therapist took me out to dinner.  Oh and I had a very small leaving party, which I enjoyed because both my office and my mother's office got to attend (I am very friendly with the people in Mom's office).  So Friday was a really good day.  I didn't cry.  And I didn't feel sad...  Like, I felt sad cause I'll no longer be able to work at the same place with my mother, but I don't feel like I made a bad decision...  Huh, that's pretty strange?

So...  Two years....  Two of some of the most painful years of my life.  I have been through every emotion possible in that office.  Pretty much I've been through hell and back in my years there and I won't say that everyday was a bad day, because it wasn't.  There were times when I would have fun there.  There were times when my co-workers and I weren't at each others throats and screaming at one another.  There were times when things were good, but much like the whole great Kristin debacle of 2004, the end was so bad it just diminished anything good that came out of it.

Well actually that's not true.  While at that job, I learned one very important thing that will come in handy (especially for my wedding consulting business) and that is how not to freak out in times of crisis.  Man, could those women in that office freak out a drop of a hat.  That office is the ultimate in worst case scenarios.  Anything would set them off just a tiny bit!

Oooh and yes!  I made it out of there without having to see that evil old lady from the state!  She is due to come into that office any day now and I'm so thankful that I won't ever have to look at Susan Reese ever again in life!  Oh hot damn!  That's one aggravation I won't have to put up with now.  Yes...  That is wonderful.

So tomorrow I begin a new adventure.  One that will hopefully be a better experience while I try to get things cranking on the consulting side.  I have some things I need to do, like get a flu shot next weekend (ooh I also have to contact Atena about getting health insurance for myself, I had questions that only they can answer), because working with little kiddles is on par with going to Katsucon.  You're going to end up sick no matter what pre-cautions you take.  So if I get a flu shot that will hopefully nip in the bud any major sickness I'm going to get (And hey, it may just knock out the Katsucon flu too!).  But I'm ready for this change and I think it will be a good change and hopefully far less stressful then what I had to deal with.

Bye bye Bayada.  I it isn't a lie when I say I wish the Philadelphia Visit office all the best.  But my time there has come to an end and its time for me to go on to other things...
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