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And check this one out

If I wasn't so sick, I'd probably be screaming around the house.  I get something from Bayada today.  Mom thought it was the rest of the money they owed me but I kinda had a feeling that wouldn't be too easy.  Guess what it was?  Something from the benefits office saying I owe them $15 dollars because of something to do with my benefits.  I think they were saying that couldn't charge for them or something stupid.

And uh, hi, how is this my fault?!  I haven't been working there in what, 3 weeks now?!  Why are you still charging for benefits anyway?!  I would have thought one, someone, IE Joann, would have said, I don't work there anymore and two if I haven't gotten a check in three weeks, what would make you think to charge for benefits on someone who wasn't getting a check?!

Oh I swear to God that fucking place.  Now, on Monday in addition to having to yell at them for not giving me my 2 and a half weeks of back time they own me I have yell and scream at benefits for sending some crap like that...

Oh...  Ooh, me thinks its time for a public outing of atrocities on Deranged Fangirl Live!


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