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"I'm sorry... But it won't stop..."

So what did I get in the mail today?  Another love letter from Bayada...  Yup...  Yet another love letter from the Benefits office explaining how they're cutting back on prescription medicines.  Thank goodness I pay for my own health insurance now and thank goodness I don't work for these fools anymore.  But still...  How is it that nearly a month later, I'm still hearing from these fools?!

I'll tell you why...  I had it on intel from Mom, that the office is in shambles...  Something about Diane has a blood clot in her leg and has been out, Elsa's been out sick since before I left, and Joann had a family crisis (something about her under-aged son was drinking at a bonfire or something and caught on fire) take place a little bit ago, so no one has been around to inform Benefits or Headquarters that I don't work there anymore and haven't worked there since mid-October!

So I called Benefits today... Surprise, surprise those nit-wits didn't answer the phone...  And I left a message and told them I haven't worked for the company since October 19th.  Now maybe the assholes will send me my real final paycheck.  The one that they owe me for my 11.25 vacation days and 3 personal days and (maybe 2 sick days).  That would really help a lot!

Idiots!  Talk about failing at life and all its many promises...


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