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The Beginning Of An Iffy Day

I just woke up about 15 minuets ago, but the first thing I said as soon as I woke up was, "What's today going to bring?"

You know, you have to ask these questions considering what's been going around. Last night this crap with "Little Miss Thing" just escalated to a fevered pitch.

She sent some dumb-ass e-mail message to J'aime about how we don't have time for her.

Oh kiss my ass! There have been so many times she's blown us off like we weren't important, but we don't hangout with her, once (!!!), and we all of a sudden don't have time for her.

Grrrrr! She's such a bitch! You know I've had enough of her shit. And I'm sorry to be bringing this up for a second day in a row, but I swear to God, J'aime's going to have me check her e-mail during her break at 10, so I know I'm going to be back on kill mode.

Probably by the end of today, I'll have 10 new diary entries.

Woo-hoo: Nanimonai

Barf: This stuff with "Little Miss Thing" is getting to be a real pain in my ass.

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