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Too Pissed To Think

I swear to God... The childishness of some people.

"Wah, Adrienne made everyone not come over my house and now I don't wanna be friends with any of you."

What a dumb cunt! To even think something stupid like that, you are just so beneath me!

Like I have some kind of magic mind control over people that I can get them to do anything that I want them to do. I wish that really were the case; I'd make Bill Gates give me 1% of what he was worth.

But that's not the case. I never make anyone do anything. I only make passing suggestions. I've never told anyone, ever, "You need to..." I hate that phase, "You need to..."

So if I magically convinced Moe-chan and J'aime not to go over "Little Miss Things" house then I would be magically convincing them of other things too. But I'm not.

If anything, its that dumb cunt who's always telling someone, "You need to..."

Bitch you need to shut your fucking mouth and do something other then what you're doing right now.

Always wanting to play that fucking victim role and that shit is not going to fly this time.

When we all decided, on our own not to go over her house Labor Day weekend, she pretended that it was all peachy fine with her, but then sits there and broods about it, doesn't talk to us about how she feels, blows us off for 6 weeks until J'aime decided to open up the lines of communication and then decide she doesn't want to be our friends over some bullshit like this?!


I don't want your sorry ass excuse for a friendship. It's not like you were the best friend on earth anyway. You use to be, but over the last year you've just turned into this uber Cunt! You've been trying for the better part of a year to turn everyone against me, but look who's the odd man out?! Surely ain't me now is it?!

*Dumb-ass trick!*

But you know, she can sit there and play the victim all she wants but she'll be playing it alone, which is precisely what she deserves.
Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, f-in' kristin

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