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Otakon 2008: Welcome to the Fail House!

And I won't say that it failed in epic proportions but it certainly wasn't as good as previous years.

Let's see if I can't sum it up in a nutshell...  Lame schedule, ass-tacular panels...

Oh yeah and one of which there was almost a fist fight in, because they either moved or canceled the "Welcome to Touhou" panel then put something in its place, and Otakon never informed the un-witting audience (of which consisted of about a zillon dudes), who proceeded to heckle the guy running whatever panel that was; then the panelist lost control and started cursing everyone who was heckling him out (Hell I would have done the same thing).  So after like 20 minutes of this poor guys ranting incoherently and people coming in to heckle and then run out, Otakon staff came in and shut the panel down.  Uh, all that could have been avoided if they had had someone come out and say the original panel was moved or whatever and X panel is taking its place.  Fucking duh!!!

So lame schedules, ass-tacular panels, and what seemed to me to be a complete and utter lack of orgainization!  Things were a mess from Friday night onward and that's just not cool.  I can see things going to pot like Saturday night or whatever, it happens sometimes, but Friday night?!  Dude seriously what the fuck?!?!

The only things I liked were the Teavolve Tea Party, the Lolita fashion show, the comedy club Thursday night was f-ing awesome as hell, seeing and spending time with my friends, buying and reading trashy manga, and the dealers room.  Other then that...  It was kinda hardcore fail-arific!

So, 2009...  Ok then... This is the year of my Otakon retirement...  Let's hope they can rebuild from a house of fail to a house of wow, that was awesome.  Because seriously, that was not worth damn near $2000 dollars of my hard earned cash!

I will have pictures soon, but now I must check and do other things online...

Oh yes and before I go, I just got contacted by AUSA, apparently they have given me the greenlight for Anatomy of Lolita!  Why am I now scared to death to do this panel?  But I know it must be done, it is my civic Lolita duty to help new Loli's.
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