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How I learned to hate my job and my boss...

Remember those tender days when I was so very smitten by my job at the daycare.  Remember when I loved Amanda to death and would do anything for her.  Well, those days are sadly over and the death knells of needing to quit just started chiming today.

Today was the worst day I've ever had at work and basically Amanda is pissed at me not because of what happened Thursday, no she's pissed at me because I don't like Annette.  So the fuck what!  I come in, I do my job, I'm polite enough, but no, it's not good enough...  Sound familiar?  Sound like my last job and the last Annette I had to deal with?  Well it should because it's the exact same thing over again and I'm not sticking around for the bull crap, I'm going to start looking for a new job immediately.

So let me give you a rundown of what happened today.  So before I even go in I get a text message from Amanda saying she won't be in but she left me an email, I tell her, ok and I'll check my email when I get into the office and to have a good day.  This is what her first email said:

Hi Adrienne,
I wont  be in today....... Please add blank parent to the email list. Please  call the parents that are not on email and get their email addresses Please let me know which parents are not on email and why. We have over 54 families and we only have 34 emails... 
What is happening with the children's health records are notices going out and are parents being informed that they need an updated  health form. If you are not getting any responses then please call the parents or email ( if emailing please bcc me) and inform them they need their forms. A lot of preschoolers have just had birthdays which means they need updated health forms. Please, this is very important. The same with toddlers ,Waddlers, Tops and School age. Please generate  a list of who has updated forms and who needs them. All children must have current Health forms. The same with Staff, please see who is current and who still needs one. I think Cindy and Tomika, please let me know. Also could you enter Cheryl( new infant staff person) in the computer. Her application is on my desk.

A little correction there, we only have 48 families at the center and 34 of them were on the email list; I had 39 by the end of the day

Ok, so I send her back this:

Hi Amanda,
I added Mrs. parent to the email list.  I will do my best to contact the parents about the email list as well.
I am going to give out health forms and a letter stating that we must have current health forms to every child including the school-agers, in addition to having the teachers remind parents, and I'll place a note on the door and email those parents who are on the emailing list.
I will let Cindy and Tomika know they have to have their health forms in and I will enter the new person's information into the computer.

So this is what I get in response:

A note doesnt need to be put on the door.....Notices need to be put out and then followed up with a phone call. or if you see the parents there needs to be a conversation with them. Sorry for the abrubt manner but these are things I have been asking you to and for some reason they get put on the back burner. I feel for some reason you dont want to make phone calls... unfortunatley its the only way to make sure we are receiving the information.These are things that need to be constantly updated. The childrens and staff files are crucial. I feel the same way about the email list I have been asking you to make phone calls and get addresses.  I really want everyone that has an email  address on the distribution list. I know at times I am very relaxed about things and I am willing to take full responsiblity
If you are are feeling we need to talk about these issues then please  let me know. I am feeling very uncomfortable and feeling things are just not right. I feel your conversation is very limited with me and you only communicate with me when its absolutely necessary, if this is the case then it needs to be addressed if not then I am assuming something that is not there.

So I answer back, really angry but keeping it business like:

I put the note on the door in case for some reason the letters slip through the cracks.  And I cannot lie I don't want to call parents at their place of employment to remind them of things that could be taken care of in a less abrasive manor, I would perfer only to call the parents in the case of an emergency.  But I will call the parents as well, and I assure you have not put anything on the backburner with intention.  I am hesitant to call parents, but otherwise I make sure all my tasks are completed as directed.
I will double check all the staff and children's files today and everything that have asked of me will be complete before I leave today.
Yes I will discuss any issues I am having, as I always have.  I just feel as though I am not needed, which could be why I may be uncharacteristically distant lately.  However, these are issues that are my own and I will have to deal with them accordingly.
I apologize and I will get everything done that you've asked me to do before I leave today.

And then This is what I get in response:

I understand the that you don't want to call parents but unfortunately it is part of the job. If we are not getting what is needed and the communications that we are sending out are not working, Then a conversation needs to be had. You are there at 7:00 am you could  have conversations with every parent through out the week you choose not to. 50% of  any job here at Kid-Doodles requires on going parent communication. Calling a parent at work does not need to be abrasive it can be a very casual conversation. We are dealing with their children  so I feel that informing them at their place of employment is not a big deal.
As far as that you are not needed I can't help how you feel . It has been quite apparent that from day 1 you have not liked Annette, to the point of extreme uncomfort. I am extremely happy with the way she does her job and I feel she is an asset contrary to what staff is communicating. You both have very different roles but at the same time need to work together. You both tell me the same things about each other so obviously there is a conflict, which is something that the two of you need to work out, but unfortunately I don't it to be at my expense,
 meaning how uncomfortable it is.
To clarify Annette's role is management of the center when I am not there. Her job is to deal with everything regarding staff with the exception  of staff paper work... so yes. as far as you see allot of attention and responsibility has been  placed on her.
You have chosen not to have that role. There are many things I look to you for, that Annette does not do.
Having a 6th sense into what is happening is very important, there is an incredible amount that is going on right  now , our staffing is crazy, Annette's on Maternity, we have an over abundance in the baby room, I need a preschool teacher.............and more.
You need to know what kind of an impact all of this has and where I need to focus my time and emotions and this changes on a daily basis. I deal with a large amount of people on a daily basis, my job is to keep everyone happy.  Unfortunately the past few months has been on staffing which is Annette's area. I cant help how the coin lands.  There is allot you and Annette can do together and help each other out... this is a conversation that I would also have with Annette.
I am truly sorry you feel the way you do but it's  never my intention to leave someone out or make them feel not needed. There lots of things I have asked you do to over the weeks, e-mail list, health forms, tracking payments, feast paperwork, etc. If you are feeling you want more responsibility tell me what you would like to. Avoiding me or having limited converstion with me it not the answer.
First of all, I haven't had limited conversations with her.  In fact I haven't even really been there like that this month.  At least once a week I've been out with Jose.  So if I'm not there how can I have a conversation with her?  Besides if I'm not out of the office then she is!  She's been busy doing other things like doctor's appointments and going to those unemployment hearings.  We haven't seen each other like that in awhile.  So what the hell?!

She called me in a sorry ass attempt to iron out our problems, but really the whole conversation was pure d-bullshit!  She was saying I was avoiding her for two weeks, which I wasn't avoiding her, she was avoiding me, i.e. that crap she pulled last Friday, and it was only a day, it wasn't two weeks.  Then she said that I didn't help her with the feast last week.  Uh hi...  Before I left who was it who was in the kitchen with you chopping onions when no one else was around?!  I do believe that was me.  Yeah I wasn't there the next day and now I really don't regret not being there either.  Then she tried to say that I wasn't there for and I quote a lot of the center events.  The only recent center event I missed was the Halloween party.  I was there for Grandparents day, the Thanksgiving Feast, and the center summer picnic which, by the way was a 12 (with no break) day for me.  But after a little bit she had to admit I hadn't missed that many events.  Then she tried to say which you saw in the email messages, that I don't do my job, which is also not true.  I do my job and a damn good job at that.  Which was also something she had to admit; that I did a good job.

Basically all this back and forth has to do with the fact that when the announcement came that Annette had her baby yesterday, I didn't all ooh and ahh over it.  So what!  I could care less that she had a baby.  I don't like her.  I think she's lazy, bossy, and scapegoating.  I don't think she is going to fulfill anything she promised Amanda, but Amanda is just over the moon with her, so there's nothing I can say or do and really it doesn't matter cause anything I say will be construed as, "Oh you don't like her and you're being mean."  Since when is it a requirement to like your co-workers?!  That's some crap only women could come up with.  When I used to work with men, I never had this problem.  I think as long as you do your job, liking who you work with isn't a major requirement.

So the hell with this crap.  I don't have to like Annette and I don't have to like Amanda either.  If she really wanted to work things out between us she could have talked to me yesterday or waited until she came back Monday, but no.  She went that chicken route and if there's one thing I can't stand is a chicken!  But when I think about it, she's always doing crap like that.  Getting people to dictate things for her cause she's too worried about what everyone thinks about her.  You're the boss it doesn't matter.  Really no one has to like you either.  But whatever, I'm done and I'm going to start looking for a new job post haste cause I think we're just about done here.

Thank goodness this is a short week cause I really couldn't stand going in after tomorrow.


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