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It's hard to argue with people when they don't argue back

For 3 weeks now my boss has been avoiding me like the plague.  She's also been dictating her whims through text messages and email.  She's also been trying to pick a fight with me too.  But I refuse to fight with her.  First of all, I won't fight her because it's just too stupid and juvenile and two because what stands to be gained from us screaming at each other like wild banshees?!  Nothing.

So the latest in this childish clap-trap is, I left early because I was sick.  She told me not to come in tomorrow.  But she's text messaged me at least three times today to yell at me.  The first thing was she couldn't find the receipt for the Sam Club order tomorrow (which was in her chair where I left it), then she called to yell at me for not giving the classes the December calendar, which was my fault, because I did forget.  And I apologized for it.  Then she text messages me again a little while ago to ask me why did I leave a time off request form on her chair and not personally ask her like I normally do.

The real reason I left the time off request, you ask?  Well, she's been so confrontational or running hot/ cold with me these days that I figured I'd put in a written request which she would have to sign off on and that way she couldn't say I didn't ask her before hand.  My rump would be covered and everything would be fine.  That's the real reason I did it.

Now I left at 1 this afternoon.  She's had to known about that request since around the time she asked me about the Sam's Club receipt and that was around 3.  So that means she's been brooding over this all day and most of the evening.  She's probably asked everyone under the sun about why I would do something like that too.  But I know she's been brooding over it all day in a typical Amanda fashion.

Ack, you know what?!  T this is just plain fucking stupid!  Why is she so hell bent on trying to get me to argue with her?!  What sense does that make?  What does she hope to accomplish?  I don't know.  I do know I need to figure out some stuff because this is getting more and more ridiculous by the day.  Who can work under these high school like conditions, honestly?!

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