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She's really pissing me off!

You know what, Amanda and this whole trying to goad me into an argument bull shit is really getting on my nerves!  I wouldn't argue with her over the fact the tried to say I didn't do my job, I didn't argue with her over the fact that she tried to say everything was my fault why she wasn't talking to me, I didn't argue with her last night about the time off request form, and now I'm not arguing with her about the fucking Sam's Club order!

What the fuck is her deal?!  Why is she so insistent on trying to get me to get into a fight with her.  And now my fucking text messages are going off because she's sitting there arguing with me still and I'm not going to deal with her childish shit!  If she can't bother to act like a grown woman and take responsibility for her actions then there's nothing I can do for you.  She's acting like a smacked ass and I can't deal.

She says she wants to talk or whatever, but I don't buy it.  She wants to do what she always does, get me to argue with her and then pull that, "Oh everyone always treats me badly when I'm a good boss and person."  And it's like dude, I'm not getting into this shit with you.  If you want an argument, you'd better get into it with one of your other less intelligent staff members, cause I'm not falling for it.

So let me tell you what she said today (keeping in mind that she told me not to come in today and to stay home and get better).  These are her text messages verbatim:

Message 1 (Sent at 7:45 AM):

Hi.  I just looked at the sam club order there were things that r were not ordered.  Why didnntd (yes that is a type-o) you ask me and of the staff what was needed.  I am no understanding what is going on.  You need to talk to me this non comunicado (yes also misspelled) thing is not working.  It's really making me uncomfortable.

So this is what I sent her in reply.

I'm sorry.  I thought you just needed paper goods (which is what she told me to order yesterday by the way).  I had no idea there were other things we needed.  I should have asked and I'm sorry for assuming.  I am sorry I make you feel uncomfortable.  When I am better on Monday, we can talk if you'd like.

So this is what she sends back.

Message 2 (Sent at 8:14 AM):

Understood.  But honestly thaere slot (yes that's exactly what it said) going on said our conversation I feel as though you are patronizing me Nd just doing exactly what you are supposed that's not the work environment I wish to have I only feel communicatecewith (yes all run together like that) you through. Email or text message.  If I am put of line I need to know. Thanks.

And being annoyed as hell as I am right now, I'm not going to justify any of this foolishness with a response.  If I see her name on my text messages anymore today or the rest of this weekend, I'm not going to reply.  I am sick and tired of this dumb crap and quite honestly I don't have to put up with it!

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