aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

And now I present round 2...

So, I've been doing what I was supposed to do and it still pissed Amanda off.  So she said those magic words that drive me nuts, "We need to talk."  I was on the phone and I gave her the pleasant, "Sure."  So after I got off the phone, she instantly laid into me.  "This isn't working.  I feel like you're just playing a game with me, but just doing what you're told and blah, blah, blah, blah....."  Yet again the same crap.  But this time she said, "Plus you've been running around telling people that your Mom said its okay for you to quit and that I was going to fire you after the holidays."

Ok, yes I did tell one person that Mom said that, but I never said that Amanda said she was going to fire me after the holidays.  But I denied that.  And how would she have known I said anything if she hadn't been wherever she was whining and complaining about me to other co-workers.  Yet, when I do it, it's unacceptable.  Oh you are a bitch and a half!  Oh and I know the person who said that too her, so I won't be saying anything if she's around.

Then, she has the nerve to throw in my face the fact that I didn't tell her about Jose and I.  She says, and I quote, "I am happy you and Jose are engaged and if you wish to tell everyone that's your business, but six months ago I would have been the first person you told."

Well here's a really hot news flash for you, six months ago you wouldn't have dared acted like this to me.  You wouldn't have pulled the bullshit you're pulling now.  So guess what, welcome to six months later!  Besides we've only been dating for 10 months today!  But that doesn't matter.  She's just so petty and childish that she actually had the gall to bring that up in a meeting!  And then she kept saying, "If you wanna tell everyone that's your business."

She spreads everyone and I do mean everyone, from staff members, to parents, to children...  She spread everyone's personal baggage all over the center.  She is the absolute worst person to confide something in, because it will get told to everyone eventually.  I've never once told anyone any of her personal crap.  Like how her husband crashed the computer because he was looking at porn.  But whatever...  She's such a baby.  She really needs to grow up.

Then she said I was, what boiled down to, being patronizing because I would never tell her when she was out of line.  I told her it wasn't my place to tell her when she was out of line.  Then she follows up with that saying, you just tell everyone else.  Oh like you don't!?  But my reply was, that I was way to professional (Not to mention mature) to tell her that and I would never tell her that (even if she is and was being a psycho bitch!).  What would that accomplish, you would still be a psycho bitch, but I would be in the wrong for telling you that and I would get in trouble.

All in all, she still tried to goad me into an argument and I still never once gave it to her.  Honestly she doesn't want to argue with me, cause it's not going to be pretty or nice.  But I am waaaaaaay too through.  I'm so done that I am over cooked and all rubbery on the inside.  She claims that she wants her business to run like a business, but she doesn't want to be corporate and she wants to have personal relationships with her employees, but at the same token, she doesn't want to get to emotionally involved and she wants them to respect her as a boss.

I don't respect you!  I used to, but you blew that out of the water.  You are a miserable childish woman who lives solely for the drama she creates.  She lives to gossip about people, but will be the first to call you out when you do the same thing.  She's sloppy, crass, uncouth, petty, annoying, exasperating, and most importantly unprofessional.  I am your employee, I am not your friend.  I used to be your friend, but that's gone now.  And she is the one who caused the rift, I wasn't and I will not take responsibility for it.  And the rule is your break my heart, you are forever more in the dog house with me.  Once I've been hurt, the rule generally is, I never forgive!

I said I called it a truce with her, but, I will continue to look for a job and when the time comes I will still quit without giving two weeks notice.  I have had more then enough!  And now the time has come to leave you behind much like I did with my last employer.

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