aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

And let the unraveling commence!

So here's my locked post part of this...  I talked to my friend Melissa who still work up at the daycare and she said the staff were just confused and appalled by what happened.  Amanda told Melissa what happened and she was disgusted once again (I had called her on the way home yesterday and told her what happened).  So Melissa has told everyone what's been going on...  She said one of the girls there said she finally understood what I meant when I said, "I'm going to teach you how to use the fax in case I'm not here one day."  Yes I was passing my knowledge on before the end.

But she said Amanda had the nerve not to come in today and she wouldn't be there tomorrow (Oh she's such a chicken).  Now bear in mind that I'm gone, she's not there, and Annette is still on maternity leave, thus leaving everyone else to answer the phones, which apparently were ringing off the hook today.  Melissa said its only been a day and she's tired of answering the phone.  And then something about in the morning she's supposed to take care of something like five babies and answer the phone?  She said she wasn't going to do it, and I don't blame her.

Then she went on to tell me that Amanda's been trying to get everyone to sympathize with her, but I don't think its going to happen in this case.  She basically pulled a dick move and now she wants to play the injured party.  Even I'm not running around trying to get everyone to side with me.  I don't have that kind of free time...  Well actually I do, but come on...  Every time I tell people about what happened, they give me this blank, "are you serious?!" stare.  I feel stupid for telling people the reason I was fired, but it defies all logic and rational thought.  But then again who are we talking about?

Oh but this is the cake topper...  She actually asked Melissa to tell her if I decide to make a phone call to the state.  Wow, really?  I'm sorry I don't fit into your delusional expectations and or stereotypes of how I should conduct myself or exact my revenge, but not everyone can be a childish cunt like you.  If I'm going to do something mean, it will be something more adult like and it will hit hard.  Calling the state is just petty and my dear, while I can get petty, I choose to exact my revenge in more direct ways.

She also told Melissa that I threw the office key at her.  Well I did throw it on her desk, but I wasn't aiming for her.  Now she did say that Amanda said, I didn't exactly throw it at her, but she wouldn't put it past me to have done something like that.  She also said I was mad and I wasn't mad.  See also unlike her, I didn't get mad because I knew that's what she wanted.  I was just more flabbergasted then anything, but I do admit to throwing the key on her desk before I left.  Again, petty juvenile crap designed to make me look like some kind of monster and her just an innocent victim.  This is the same dumb crap Kristin use to pull and it doesn't work.  Well, it may work up to a point, but after awhile its like, dude, take some responsibility!

But pretty much things are starting to get all wonky and really Amanda has no one to blame but herself.  Sure it may get a little better once Annette returns, but I know she's going to give Annette all my duties and she's not going to want to do my job and her's too.  So we'll see how long that last before that starts to disintegrate.  Not to pull that whole schadenfreude bit, it's just what happens when you play karma's version of Jenga.  You take that one little facet out and next thing you know your cleaning up the pieces up off the floor.  But instead of wood blocks, they're the pieces of your ruined life and or office.

Edit- I forgot to mention this, I'm such a dip.  Yesterday, one of the new staff were supposed to get their fingerprints redone, but because I wasn't there to remind her, she forgot and now she has to reschedule.  Good luck with that one.  But see what I mean, one piece of the Jenga removed and it all comes tumbling down.


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