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So my magnum opus is finished...

Well, I'm on my way home (I'm actually writing this on the bus which has wi-fi) and I just finished and posted the very end of Love's Sorrow.  You know something, when I started that story five years ago, I set out to make it a five to ten page story.  But once I started writing I totally thew myself into it.  I started doing research on everything about World War 2 and then I researched names of characters...  Ooh check out my pre-written author's note from five years ago:

An unbelievable amount of research went into writing this story.  I researched everything from the names of the COBRA Unit, to names of generals, weaponry, aircraft, you name it and I’ve probably researched it for this story.  Like I said once on my diary, I know a little more about World War II then I care to know outside of a classroom setting.  But in the end, it was more then worth it.  Not only did it give justification for using certain things, but it was good to learn about things I would have never otherwise had known.  Here’s the list of everything that was researched to make this story more believable.




 How I came up with the names for the members of the Cobra Unit was a mixed bag.  Two of the characters have the first name of their English voice actors.  Grant Albrecht (The End) and Greg Berger (The Pain), that’s why their first names are Grant and Greg.


The Fury, Andrey Vladimir Mokotoff, Nicanor Salvador, and Sashenka Yerik Trofimoff, and Lilith were all names researched and created by me.  Why research names you ask?  Well I wanted the remaining names to match the personality of the characters.


Andrey is the Russian equivalent of Andrew which means brave or manly.  Sashenka is the Russian equivalent of Alexander which means defender of man and Nicanor is the Spanish version of Nicolas which means victorious.  I think those names suit those characters just perfectly.


As for The Boss, just why her name is Lilith; Lilith actually means purity and innocence which really is what The Boss is in this story.  Her love for The Sorrow is very innocent and kind of naïve.  But that’s not the reason I choose her name.  Since MGS 3 had sorta underlining biblical undertones (Adam, EVA, and Snake) I wanted to keep that theme going by naming The Boss Lilith.  According to the Jewish Old Testament, Lilith was the scorned and outcast first wife of Adam who chose to leave him rather then be on the bottom of missionary style sex.

Oh same thing with the three generals The Boss meets up with in 1962.  They are real generals too, but I scrambled their names around, so it wasn't the exact same.

World War II:

The Sten Gun The Boss used was a very popular submachine gun used by England during WWII.  It was easy to dismantle, but the Sten Gun had a little bit of a jamming problem, so I don't think she would have used something that would have possibly killed her in battle.  But I just kinda like the whole easy to disassemble and reassemble thing.

The three generals during WWII were actually real World War 2 generals, as were some of the Nazi higher ups I used.  My mother later pointed out to me that it's probably not a good idea to use real names.  I'm hoping no one minds, I mean it's just a fanfiction.

I don't think I need to tell you, but Karl Ebiel surrendered to Russia and not the Cobra's, but that would have been awesome if it really happened that way.

See what I mean.  Although I know now thanks to that stupid Metal Gear Solid Database you can download on the PlayStation Network, some of my research on character names is null and void, but I didn't feel like going back to change it.  Besides most of that stuff happens after that travesty of justice that was MGS4 and we're not talking about that.
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