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Don't get your bloomers in a twist...

So yeah, What Not To Wear...  Yeah it really blew that the two commentators on there didn't even bother taking the time to do proper research about Lolita; but seriously, does anyone here honestly think that would have really made much a difference had they done research?  Hell no!!!  The object of that show is to get people  to dress more "appropriately"; or as I like to say to get people to dress like everyone else (more or less).  They want you to wear the styles of the moment.  High fashion for those fashionista types who must keep up with the latest so-and-so's clothes or the latest fashion trends and colors (You know black is the new black).  You know, crap that you have to replace every six months cause each season is different.  Spending exhorbitant and obscene amounts of money just to keep up with each new seasons whatever.  And while that is perfectly well and good for some people, it just doesn't work for others.  And thus enter the Lolitas.

We follow our own frilly star and while currently in Lolita black isn't the new black, prints are most definitely in!  And don't get me wrong, Lolita costs exhorbitant and obscene amounts of money too, its just that if I'm going to pay $225 dollars on a dress, I would like to be able to tell what my $225 went towards dress creation wise.  For example, I went to the BCBGMAXARIA website and found a lovely, all-be-it mega overpriced, red dress for $248 dollars.  Meanwhile on the Angelic Pretty wbesite, I find a really cute "Cherry Berry Bunny" red dress; grant it, it's about $289 dollars (because the dollar is still in the trash), but still.  With the AP dress, I have lace work, shirring, and its a print.  Plus its all 100% cotton.  The other dress is silk, cotton, nylon, and spandex?!  Oh and all pleated, but still.  You tell me which one gets the bang for the buck.

But I'm sure for the What Not To Wear People their retort would be, "Its not anything an adult should wear!"  Or, "It looks all festishy!"  Or, "You look like Little Bo Peep!"  Please, like Bo Peep could ever hope to achieve such stylishness.  And if you think "Lolita" has to do with sitting on the laps of horny old men, that's y'all with the dirty perverted minds (and probably something they've both done once or twice in their lifetime)!  And for the retort, "its something a 4 year-old should wear", please.  A child is too small to carry Lolita off.  They don't have the proper height for it.

Lolita is for anyone who embraces that innocent child-like part of them and for anyone (including those two upptiy douche nozzles) to deminish that spirit in anyone is just wrong.  You can be 30 and a Lolita and have a really respectable wordrobe of both regular and Lolita clothes too (ahem, living proof).  I have very nice work clothes, nice casual clothes, sophisticated/ sexy date clothes, and a really nice Lolita wordrobe too.  I keep it all in balance and know when to wear what for each occasion.

But I won't go completely on the side of Team Lolita.  As much as I don't want to agree, it isn't appropriate for people to wear Lolita to work.  It's a preception thing.  At any job you are a reflection of that company.  If a client or someone outside of the company walks in and you're at the fax machine wearing the Cherry Berry Bunny dress, huge headbow, cherry printed over the knee socks, and bright red tea party shoes, people aren't going to take your company seriously and it will adversely affect your office and your chances within the company.  Yes, I hate growing up and doing horrible grown up things too, but work is serious time, Lolita is happy fun time.  Very rarely is work ever happy fun time (At least I've never worked somewhere where it was happy fun time).

I mean if you work somewhere were people wear "May the force be with you" tee-shirts, cut offs, or other relaxed attire, knock yourself out, but most places, its just not a good idea.  And yes, even casual Lolita isn't a good idea.  You want people to take you seriously at work.  And for as much as I love Lolita, it doesn't scream "promote me because I am a responsible capable adult".

Really my frilly friends, I wouldn't let WNTW get your bloomers in a bunch.  I mean its just a show and its just an ok show at that.  I mean people are so upset they want to go to the press and plead the Lolita case, and really, it's not that serious.  Lolita is a sub-culture.  And really, I'd perfer to keep it under the radar as much as possible.  I  mean, the press would blow the whole thing out of proportion (like they always do), we'd be demonized as fetish-types who like to dress-up as little girls to entice old men into giving us money (or something stupid like that).  The creepy dudes in question would be going on porn search engines trolling for Loli's, and then no one would have a moments peace.

We should all just take a moment, lift our heads and parasols high and proclaim that we are proud to be Lolita!  And leave it at that.
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