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I don't know who you all use as your wireless providers, but stay as far away from Verizon as you can!  I'm so pissed with them I don't even know what to do.  I know people say AT&T's system is slow, but at least they're not complete and utter DOUCHE NOZZLES like Verizon is.  I have some choice things I would love to do to them, but I'll keep it to myself since this is a public post, but ask me what I would like to do to them and yeah, I'll tell you!

Bottom line, go to Sprint, go to AT&T, hell get a TracFone if you have to, but stay far away from Verizon.  You will be screwed over just as I was!

Edit-  Here's the basic gist of what happened to me so you'll understand.  The sales boy lied about what the wireless broadband service cost, my first bill was way overbloated and had a $5 dollar late charge (really on the 1st bill!?), then charged me an arm and a leg to turn off, when I told them I could only afford to pay them a small amount every month they refused to accept that, proceeded to turn my cell phone off because I wouldn't talk to them (even though my cell phone is is on my Mom's account), and forced me to pay them $300 dollars I didn't have.  So do you see why I wish nothing but ill-will upon them.  

Bottom line, if you like being screwed over then Verizon is the perfect company for you.  All others should avoid like the plague!
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