aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

Have I mentioned how much I loathe Verizon?

I think I have, haven't I.  The horrible things I would love to do to them, but I won't mention them here cause the law is too quick to throw out that "Terroristic threats" charge, so its just easier to slam them publicly and declare to the world I hate them and their service is very shitty!  But ugh, I don't even use suck ass Verizon for my internet provider, but didn't they have the nerve to shut off my internet today?  I ran outside and read the technician the riot act!  I didn't mean to flip out at him, but it's finals week and I need the internet to submit my homework assignments.

Turns out they were trying to fix my parents main phoneline, which never works by the way.  Or it will work for a few months and then go back to being crap!  And that's after having at least a half a dozen technicians out here to fix this thing over the last 5 or so years.  But every time they bring their sorry asses around here my internet ends up getting sacrificed.  Well, after reading the guy the riot act, he said that it should be fixed, just to shut down the internet and restart it.  Good thing for him it was fixed cause I've had it with dumb ass Verizon.

All this on the day that finally paid them off for the original thing I was pissed off with them about too!  I swear, they can suck it!
Tags: boycott verizon

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