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I've been on a really bad Resident Evil kick ever since I came back from Miami.  What happened was I showed kawaii_neko23 a clip of the X-Strike guys playing the remake.  So since then I've been watching what little bit they have of their Let's Play, then I watched...  Well, mostly listened to (since I'm such a big chicken about zombies, crimson head zombies, Lisa Trevor, and Hunters), but I watch some dude on Youtube's walkthrough and I've been really into the whole RE deal a lot lately.

Well come to find out my former favorite video game franchise is turning 15 years old this year.  Ok.  But it looks like they've re-made a bunch of games!  It looks like they're remaking Code Veronica?!  Which ew...  That doesn't need a remake, it needs to be tossed in a vat of acid!  That was where the series started to slide into the gutter.  And it looks like they're re-retooling RE4 which why?  That game was really good on its own, it doesn't need retooling.  But I think the worst is, it looks like they went there...  Let me explain in detail and with a story.

In one of the episodes of the Xhibit Play (the X-Strike guys Let's Play), Rory says, "I'm glad that Resident Evil 2 is superior in every way and they didn't feel the need to remake it."  Well...  Low and behold, it looks like they finally remade RE2.  I think it will be called Resident Evil "Operation Raccoon City".  *Insert eye roll*.  RE2 was never my favorite in the RE series (that honor is a split tie between the original RE 1 and RE 3 for me), but seriously...  Resident Evil 2 didn't need a remake, it was a really good game and the cut scenes are still pretty decent.

Oh Crapcom!!!  Are you so bankrupt, so absolutely devoid of ideas or innovation that you need to remake the entire Resident Evil franchise?  I'm just imagining how they're planning on shoehorning Wesker into this remake?  Much the way he was shoehorned into the revision of Code Veronica.  Sigh...  If Shinji (Mikami) were dead he'd be spinning in his grave, but I'm sure he's somewhere glaring evilly at Crapcom.  That was his baby and they turned it into a meth addicted truck stop prostitute, like they do to all of their good franchise games.  Oh its so sad!

Well here's Xhibit Play if you're interested.  And this terrible trailer for the 15th Anniversary.

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