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Ok, this is my little brief review of Silent Hill: Downpour.

First of all let me say do you know how hard it is to find a complete walkthrough of a game the first day it comes out and it's NOT one of those stupid talking walkthroughs?!  Don't get me wrong, sometimes walking walkthroughs can be hilarious, like X-Strike when they played the Gamecube Remake of Resident Evil (grant it they had some hit or miss episodes but overall it was funny) and Mangaminx's let's play of Amnesia and Penumbra were funny, but I've seen more bad talking walkthroughs than good ones.  Because all too often nerds are not that funny!  And the worst part is, they think that they are so hilarious and they're not; and it's just sad.  Sad to see what could have been a good joke, just left to die or the side of the road, bleeding and screaming.

But anyway, its really hard to find a non-talking walkthrough of a game on the first day it comes out, so I had to dig to find the walkthrough that I found, and that was only because I went through someone who had the first 15 minutes up and they had a link to it.  Talk about a round-about way of finding something.

It was a good game I have to admit.  And I was starting to have some low expectations too.  One of the reviews I saw for it, gave it a 4.8 or something like that and I was really having doubts after reading that.  I thought it would be monsters everywhere jumping at you, cutscenes every two or three minutes, Pyramid Head roaming around asking for change, but there was none of that.

They kinda got the isolation part of it right.  You are pretty much alone in the town 95% of the time.  Actually, I'll say about 80% of the time you're alone.  There are some jump out scares, which isn't a trademark of the Silent Hill franchise, but I have to admit, the jump out scares do kinda work.  I know some stuff had me jumping and screaming, but then again I'm probably the easiest person on earth to scare.  But at the same token, I'm pretty much over the scary aspects of Downpour already.  See, after watching SH: 2, I was scared of the dark for a solid week.  I could not go to the bathroom at night or walk around in dark places for a week after seeing Silent Hill 2, but with Downpour, it was creepy, but I'm already over it.  I guess there is something to be said for psychological horror vs. jump out/ gory horror.  Psychological horror stays with you (because it digs into your mind) while jump out horror are easily consoled. 

The story was ok.  I think the premise was better than the execution though.  The first 15 minutes could have been cut down to about 5 or 10 minutes.  Also they didn't make proper use of the "choice" mechanic.  It sorta seemed like no matter what you picked it didn't matter to the storyline.  Plus some things were kinda borrowed from Amnesia, but I can't really complain about it, it was still fun. 

I'm not saying it was the worst Silent Hill, that dubious honor still goes to the Truck Dude story, but it wasn't the best either, but overall I was pleased with it and I think it's something you should buy, or if you're like me and a big fat chicken, watch someone play on Youtube.

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