aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

Insert annoyed groan here!

Operation Raccoon City can eat it!

Pretty much its just a Left For Dead Clone with a slight Resident Evil theme.  Well that and the zombies don't run after you like they do in Left For Dead.  Pretty much I've watched 3 and a half parts and I wasn't scared at all.  Do you know how easy it is to scare me?!  Primary example, I was outside early this morning looking for the newspaper and our sprinklers started making creepy gurgling sounds because they were about to come on.  Because it sounded so scary I not only screamed (and probably woke up the neighborhood) but jumped what seemed like a 10 feet into the air.  So if I'm scared momentarily by a sprinkler then come on now.  Plus if you really want me to curl up in a ball in fear just throw a zombie something at me.  Zombies always scare the pants off me, but no, not this.

Really, if you want to break it down there are several things that scare me in the Resident Evil world, zombies, then the crimson head zombies, and Hunters.  Oh nothing will make me scream like a little girl quicker than a hunter jumping at me.  And they have all of these in Operation Raccoon City, but I'm not so much scared as I am annoyed and bored.  Poor Shinji, his creation has gone so far down the toilet that it can never hope to raise its head up in pride ever again.  I know he doesn't work for Crapcom anymore but still, I'm sure it must really suck to see something you created brutalized so badly.  As I said on Facebook, if Shinji were dead, he'd be spinning in his grave.

*Watches more only to turn away in disgust.* (Yet I continue to watch?)

Oh this game is a mess!  It's on for free and I want my money back!  But much like any horrifying car wreck I can't stop watching.
Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, fail, petty annoyances, really?!, resident evil series, video games

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