aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

"It burns! It burns in the depths of my soul!"

This is what I said this morning after watching the Gametrailer.com Pop-up video trailer for Resident Evil 6, Just for Kicks.

Wesker Junior?!  Really???  Wesker and his orouborous/ plagas/ T-virus/ G-virus/ L M N O P-virus infected self had a kid?  Really????  You're really going to go down that dark, stupid, sorry road Crapcom?  Ughhhhhhh....  And I am fairly certain that Wesker's son, is probably going to be some type of clone something, ah~la Metal Gear Solid 1 or even more cheese-tastic, he'll be his son from like Annette Berkin, or Jill, or the monster chick from Code Veronica, or something like that.  Just so they can tack on some "oh Wesker's son has Wesker's virus juice in him, so lets make some Wesker virus lemonade, yum!"  Sigh...  Fine, whatever...  But let the record show that y'all can go to hell!

My second biggest rant is about this "C-Virus".  C-Virus, really?  So what's next after that?  We had T and G, now we're up to C; only thing left is P, V, Z.  I guess it's better than continuing with the whole orouborous/ plagas storyline, because that was getting really stale and it was like come on now.  But still, we're really going that C-Virus route?  Sigh...  *Insert eye roll*.

Minor things, like Sherry coming back, I don't really have a problem with too much.  Ada is still going around all flying out of windows and doing whatever it is she does.  Chris still looks, as Zero Punctuation so eloquently put it, "like someone put a Chia Pet on top of a refrigerator", also they dumped the black chick he was with in the last RE game, for some emo looking dude.  I'm sure slash fan-fic writers will be thoroughly amused; as for myself, I'm like, "meh, whatever".

But once again Crapcom, you kinda had me, now you lost me.  And that's not to say that when this claptrap comes out later this year I won't sit and watch it on Youtube, but y'all do get on my last nerve.

Oh and here's the trailer if you want to see what I'm taking about:

Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, crapcom, really?!, resident evil series, video games

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