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Oh the classics...

*The sound of thunder and flash of lightening outside my windows!*

Ugh...  I hate storms...  Why exactly did I choose to live in Florida again???

Oh that's right, the whole love thing...  Well, I guess that's going well or something...  But that's not what we're here for, tonight's public entry is about the old Bad Scottish Dub of Neon Genesis! 

I don't know how this gem crept in my head, but I had to go find and there on Youtube it was.  Oh for the days when anime fans did productive things with their time instead of having pointless internet arguments and called each other idiotic names.  Sigh...  Oh the golden days of fandom, how I miss you so much!  But alas, I guess progress or whatever must prevail, but its times like this I do miss the glory days of being an "otaku". 

Enjoy this bit of classic and crazy nostalgia!

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