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What was that old saying about assuming...

To assume is to make an ass out of u and me...

I say that to say this, today I was nosing around MangaMinx's Youtube, because I really love her horror Let's Play's and I think she is hilarious.  But at the same token I know she absolutely hate's Metal Gear and all things Metal Gear.  Yeah that's totally fine and I'm not going to hate her, because she hates Metal Gear.  I know a lot of people who hate Metal Gear, but we all have our opinions and that's totally fine if that's how they feel.  I don't know if I feel this way because I'm older, I just don't care about the Metal Gear series like that anymore, or if I find stupid arguments like the one I'm about to post unimportant to my daily survival, but people are allowed to have their opinions, even if you don't agree with them.

However, as I'm looking I see she's liked this guy's rant on why he abhors Metal Gear Solid and here is where I took offense. 

Ok, for openers, there is this general assumption that in liking or loving the Metal Gear series, you must love Hideo Kojima and completely agree with all his choices for the series.  WRONG!  As I have stated many times, I love the NES version of Metal Gear much better than the MSX version, even though Blojima had nothing to do with the NES version and at the end you had to fight a gigantic computer and not Metal Gear itself.  I thought and still think the NES one was much better.  I tried to play Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake, but try as I may to like it, it bored me to death and I couldn't stand it.  I loved Metal Gear Solid 1 and 3, and I'll get into why later, but MGS 2 and 4 can eat it!  And I know Metal Gear Rising is going to blow, so I'm not going to waste my time or Jose's money getting that.  Now admittedly the uber Metal Gear fangirl inside me, is begging to give it a chance, but I just can't go there.

There have been more than one occasion where I have said that I wanted to kick Hideo Kojima in his robotic nuts for screwing the pooch on my beloved Metal Gear series.  I completely disagree with the direction he is putting Metal gear in and it started with MGS2 and this insane need to add Raiden.  Don't get me wrong, I was never a Raiden detractor.  I always thought he was ok, but could he hold his own in an entire game?  No.  And I know, I know, "He was cool in MGS4 and Metal Gear Rising looks like an awesome game!"  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Whatever.  He's still just a second rate character with a very arbitrary tacked-on back-story.  Child solider, wah!  Solidus killed my parents wah!  Who cares!

Before I get too deep into that subject let me bottom line the Kojima bit.  This ranting dude said that he thought Blojima devotees and many in the gaming industry gave him unjustified praise and I do agree with that a lot.  I think he has made a lot of missteps when it comes to the Metal Gear series and I don't think he is as much of a game genius as many would state.  Grant it, I am only basing this off of playing Metal Gear and I've not played his other games (Zone of the Enders, or Police Cops or whatever that one game was called, nor have I played Tokimeki Memorial), but Kojima does tend to be hyper long winded and it was taken to an extreme in MGS4 and it makes it hard on a player who wants to play a game and not watch a 10 hour long movie.

Something else this guy was saying was Metal Gear is not a stealth game.  I totally agree it's not, at least I thought it wasn't classified as an stealth game anyway.  I thought it was classified as an action game, because while sneaking around is a part of the game, it's not super duper important to it.  Only thing sneaking around successfully the entire game accomplishes is your ranking at the end of the game goes up.  Whoop-de-friggin-do!  I've snuck around, but I like it better when you're caught.  It makes it fun, plus I love shooting people and in the most indiscriminate manner possible too.  When I play MGS3 and break out of Groznyj Grad, I love being on alert, because it make it more thrilling and fun to play.  So what I'm not playing it right, it's the way I like to play.  I don't understand how or why people classify Metal Gear as a stealth game when it's more of an action game.

Another thing this guy said was that Metal Gear fans complain about Final Fantasy....  I think 10 and 13 he said?  I don't remember, but anyway, they complain about Final Fantasy but herald MGS4 as the most brilliant game in history.  Oh no, not me!  I know MGS4 is a pretentious piece of garbage and I am not alone.  People whom I've known for years, and who loved all the previous MGS games all said the same exact thing, it was fun to play (when the game actually let you play it) but the plot was miserable.  Ugh...  I own MGS4, I had installed it on my PS3, but I absolutely refuse to play any of it, because I hate...  Scratch that, I loathe the plot that much.  I hate it so much that when I left Philly, I didn't take it with me (But I have two of my 5 copies of Snake Eater here though).

Plus I don't think it's fair for the player to be begrudgingly allowed to play a game.  That's what we are supposed to be doing, not sitting there with our dicks in our hands watching 10+ hours of cut-scenes and then given 5 or 6 minutes of gameplay.  And I know, how can you say that about MGS4 when MGS3 did the same thing?  Yeah, there were a lot of cut-scenes in MGS3 (I should know, I just watched them on Sunday), but it, at least to me, seemed a bit more balanced than in MGS4.  It always seemed to me like 4 was just so busy trying to explain itself and justify MGS2, that actual gameplay took a backseat (a backseat on the top floor of a double-decker bus) to those justifications.

As for his thing about how Kojima has a thing for conspiracy theories, I too totally agree with that.  As kawaii_neko23 said when she finished MGS2 and in talking to her about that whole Patriots bull, she said this, "I feel like I'm joining a cult".  Exactly.  I completely agree with him on this.  I think the conspiracy theories with the whole "US is controlling all the information and there is this secret shadow-y organization that secretly runs the US and the world" is horrible.  It is what sucked the joy and fun out of the series for me and something they pretty much should have done without.  These are kinds of stupid conspiracies that those who believe that Free Masons run the country and all the streets in DC make a gigantic pentagram, would wax their carrots to.  But I didn't buy that Patriots crap in MGS2, or when they shoe-horned it in in MGS3, nor with the train wreck that was MGS4.  And I can safely say I really hate Kojima for putting it in, because it didn't belong and it made the game really stupid.

And the last thing the guy said was Metal Gear fans have lowered the standard for the stealth game genera and I think he said we were the reason why games in general now suck and we were causing the demise of the video game industry.  Uhhh...  Thanks for that lovely post-hock-ergo-proctor-hock moment.  The video game industry is dying not due to a small segment of fandom, but because they have foolishly thrown their eggs into the casual gamer market basket, but now that those people can pick up a smart phone or tablet and play stuff like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja effectively pulling the rug out from under the gaming industry.  Plus with the recession, people just didn't have the money to run out and buy a $200 dollar system, a $70 dollar game, and an extra $25 dollar controller.

As for the statement that Metal Gear has ruined the standard for stealth games, I don't really know much about that.  It really didn't seem like that was a broad reaching genera to begin with, not when you compare it to First Person Shooters and Survival Horror games.  What, you had Syphon Filter and like seven hundred Tom Clancy games.  If anything I would think it was the Tom Clancy games that could be blamed for the demise of the "stealth" genera, but I'll let Metal Gear take the blame for it, even though I still wouldn't classify it as a "stealth" game.

So let me bottom line it, do I like Metal Gear?  Yeah.  Has it disappointed me?  Yeah.  But pretty much so has every game series that I love.  Just look at Resident Evil, and Devil May Oink, Dead to Rights...  That started good, but fell off really bad.  Castlevania has broken my heart a few times.  Pretty much, any series that I've loved, with probably the exception of Streets of Rage, has broken my heart in some form or fashion.  But I'm okay with that, why?  Because it's just a game and as stated earlier, it is not crucial to my daily survival.

But getting back to my main point, Metal Gear is not without it's flaws, I am aware of them.  Do I love Hideo Kojima?  Hell no!  I am very disgusted with the missteps he's taken, but does he care how I feel?  No, because at the end of the day he and Konami have gotten my money, so what can you do.  Do I care that this dude on Youtube has such a strong opinion?  No.  It's all good.  Why should I get all haughty and mad, when pretty much he has his opinions and I have mine.  Here is my last old saying for today, "Opinions are like assholes.  Everyone has one and everybody thinks that everyone else's stinks!"

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