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I've been trying to catch up on all the clips for Resident Evil 6 today while I didn't have anything else I wanted to focus on; I should be working on my Halloween costume, but I don't feel like cutting and pinning right now, so loafing on the couch watching RE6 is working for me.

But I got through all of Chris, which was really hard and painful to get through.  Leon's game was actually creeping me out really bad.  You all know how I am about zombies and how bad they frighten me, but I managed to get though it.  It wasn't as difficult as watching Chris's game and really, I didn't think it was too awful, just a little bit too long and drawn out.  Plus it was a bit repetitive in parts and I'm not talking about the parts where it was supposed to repeat either.

Now, I am watching Jake's game and it's ok.  I don't really have any major complaints and even though I fell asleep on it, it was still a bit more interesting to watch than Chris's game.  I kind of like Jake's story and I find myself surprised that I do.  I thought I would abhor the whole Jake is Wesker's son plot bit, because it seemed so cliche.  For openers, Wesker was working at Umbrella, working in the Arklay Mountain Research Lab no less, as a lead researcher on Umbrella's T and G virus programs, and I'm sure that was on a full time basis.  Then he was the leader of STARS and special tactical branch of the Raccoon City police department and I'm sure he had to conduct trainings, go on missions, and do recruitment for the STARS department, so that had to have been on a full time basis.  So let me get this straight, you're working two 40 hour a week jobs, where are you getting the personal time to father a child from?!  According to the Resident Evil Wiki on Jake Muller, he was born in 1991; at a low during that time Wesker was the lead researcher and I don't think STARS was together yet.

I guess he had an hour or whatever off to go attend a booty call.  Ewww...  It's really hard to imagine Wesker being interested in anything sexual.  I think he got more aroused by sunglasses, betrayal, and pointless ending the world fantasy than in actual women.  And this from a woman who was fangirl married to Wesker for like five years.

However...  With all this being said, I am kinda wanting to write a Jake fanfiction.  Yeah, yeah I know, but, that line he said, it really got to me and you know all of my fanfictions start with a simple line that I fixate on.  The line goes like this:

"And here I thought dear old Dad was just a deadbeat who skipped out on us."

Deadbeat?!  He would probably flip if he knew that Wesker was a lead scientist and probably raking in a six figure income.

But oh yeah!  Just the perfect line to whip up some juice-tastic fanfiction.  It has all the elements of something I could write into the perfect messed up story.  Even as I'm writing this (and trying to convince myself not to write this story) I am coming up with something good.  Ooh I just came up with something super duper good....

Well, I guess almost has become will do, because the ideas I have are too good to go to waste.  Damn you Crapcom!  Despite going to Capcom rehab, you still get me back on your crappy hook!


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Oct. 8th, 2012 02:43 am (UTC)
So considering you and Wesker you to be married (well at least in our deranged fangirl minds) does that mean Jake is your kid or the reason why you and Wesker divorced. Oh wait....I forgot the divorce was cause of Snake LOL! I've settled down a bit from Leon's game, I just had to walk away from it for a bit, I'm finishing it up now and its not as bad plus I'm trying to gear my mind up for Chris.
Oct. 9th, 2012 04:55 pm (UTC)
Uhhhh.... Ew... I was married to Wesker yes, but it was hard enough to get him to take off his sunglasses, let alone his pants! And even then it was just a gigantic hentai tentacle down there and that wasn't attractive. So now you know why I ran off with Snake.

Yeah man, Chris's game is really hard to get though. I think my brain shut down a few times watching his story.

I got through Jake's story already and the only one I have left is Ada's, which I'm on the fence about right now, because they've managed to make her completely annoying, but I'll see what she's talking when I have some down time.
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