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You know what?!


Ok, I just finished watching Resident Evil Damnation and man...  I don't even know why I bothered getting all crazy about this movie, cause it was a mess and not worth the near week I spent whining that the Red Box at the Walgreens didn't have it.  To summarize, it was pretty much it was more Leon vs. the Plagas.  Leon goes to foreign country, he meets rebel people who can control some Plagas, but not really.  He makes friends with those people, but most of them end up turning into Plagas monster people.  Oh yeah the lead rebel dude, who's wife was killed in a government attack and now he wants revenge for her death, that's one of Leon's main friends in this.  But later on Leon find out that the monsters/ B.O.W's are being used by the government of said country, and the lady leader of this country is the one who is the shady party in this whole story. 

The long and the short of this is it's really predictable.  Everything I said was going to happen, happened like clock work. Plus Plagas and Lickers?!  Really?!  Dude, I am so tired of this whole Plagas bit, cause it's really tired.  And Lickers just aren't scary.  I still find Hunters the most horrifying thing in Resident Evil.  Well them and Crimson Heads...  But this movie was a mess and they should have paid me to see it.

Oh and to compound my bemusement during the end credits, didn't they have the nerve to show all these clips from Resident Evil 6.  I guess it was like, "And don't forget to buy Resident Evil 6 out October 2nd."  Seriously Crapcom?  We're really doing that?!  Sigh...  Fine...  Whatever...

But ugh, this movie was terrible and I know it was only a dollar and some change to rent, but I want my money back.
Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, come on now?!, really?!, resident evil series, video games

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